Black Angus

Black Angus


Sweet Angus is now playing in the snow of Colorado with his new fur brother, Tully, who is a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumni, an 11 month old human sister that Angus loves. His new dad says he loves her.  Angus will have a great life with his mom and dad and new siblings. We are so happy and excited for all of them, but we really do miss him. He is such an amazing and gentle boy. But, he  got the best Christmas gift of all – a family of his own.

Please welcome three year old Black Angus to Rescue. He says, “You can call me Black, or you can call me Angus, but my real name is Black Angus. I lived in the country and cattle were my best friends, especially Clyde, the neighbor’s bull. He looked just like me, but they called him ‘a black baldy!’

I am kinda big, kinda slow, kinda shy, but I am amazing when it comes to loving all dogs, cats, kids and people. I let myself get a little too out of shape to jump on the couch, so I just stand with my paws up pleading for a lift up. My perfect home will be filled with love and will have always wanted a Black Angus.”

8/16/16 Update:  Angus is a big, lovable baby with a bad leg. He is sweet and loves just being petted or laying right by your side. He and his foster pops are best friends. His eyes are better today and not so gunky. He’s not fond of having the drops put in, but we manage. He is on crate rest because of an ACL issue. Hope it helps. His leg just buckles, and it looks painful, but he doesn’t whimper. He’s done great with our two pups and wants to play, but until the leg is better, they just get to sniff and look at each other. He’s a bit overweight and on a weight reduction plan, but he really eats very little. His favorite way to take his food is right out of my hand!Whatever it takes. A family is interested in meeting him, but it will have to wait until we see what happens with the ACL.

8/28/16 Update:  Angus is chilling on the patio this morning dreaming of his forever family. He likes to sleep with his front legs in the air. With his special diet food, he’s dropped a few pounds and his back leg is much better. He’s not really fond of crate rest, but we manage.  We have discovered he prefers his medicine in Swiss cheese rather than American, and he smells it before he will take it from me. For a family wanting a snuggle bunny, he’s perfect. (Angus has a meet and greet next weekend if the family can schedule.)

9/11/16 Update:  Keep Black Angus, in your thoughts and prayers this week as he undergoes TPLO surgery for a torn ACL. He will be back home Tuesday night and begin his 8 weeks of therapy and crate rest.

9/25/16 Update:  Angus got his stitches out. Doc said he looked great and was pleased with the way he put weight on it. Six more weeks and he will be ready for his forever home.

10/2/16 Update:  He gets better every day. He is spending more time outside his crate. We have to stick by him, so he doesn’t try to jump in the chair or get on his hind legs. He is putting full weight on his back leg and does not limp. Five more weeks of taking it easy before his final recheck and his meeting with his new family (hopefully). He is the most laid-back pup I’ve ever seen. He does not get excited… except if it’s mealtime. He’s enjoyed the cooler weather and being able to join us on the patio. And, we found out yesterday that Havarti cheese is even better than plain old Swiss!