Blakey (Now Penelope)

Blakey (Now Penelope)

Today is the beginning of the rest of her life for sweet foster girl Blakey, now Penelope (she will be called Penny). Blakey knew something wonderful and exciting was up this morning when her bed, blankets and toys were packed in her bag. She even cut her nap short and wandered around wondering when this something wonderful would happen. Well, it did! When she saw Shane and Kim and their two children, Blakey couldn’t get close enough to them. She knew then she was a lucky girl with lots of love in her future. No more puppies for her! Blakey loves her new family so much and couldn’t get into the car fast enough, ready to explore her very first home.

Thank you, Kim and Shane, for giving this girl her very first and furever home. She is so deserving and will be truly missed. Blakey only wants to please and be loved. Happy life, sweet Blakey.

Please welcome 4-year-old Blakey to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Stay tuned for more details about this owner surrender.

7/11/17 Update:  Blakey is still healing from her mommy makeover but she is becoming a bit more active. Blakey loves people and especially her foster daddy.  She follows him everywhere and turns her head around to make sure he is close behind.  She lets foster daddy check her healing.  Blakey is loving her delicious meals and eats along with her two fur siblings.  Blakey doesn’t mind her daily grooming routine and eye drops.  Blakey is ready for another bath once she heals.  Blakey prefers to lay around the house and is a low key kind of girl.  She is a sweet and gentle girl.

7/25/17 Update:  Blakey, aka, Miss Waffle Paws, is healing nicely from her mommy makeover.  She was happy to get a bath and her fur is looking great.  She is getting used to her very first collar and thinks pink is just her color.  Blakey loves being in a house and she loves all the comforts that are to be found in a house.  She loves everyone, skin and fur,.  Blakey loves children though she is not much for a lot of action and will willingly share her bed.  She loves to just lay around and get petted.  Blakey likes going out several times during the day but wants right back in.  Mealtime is her favorite and she waits patiently for her bowl to be put on her placemat.  If Blakey could speak she would say thank you many times over for her new life.

8/1/17 Update:  Blakey had her bath and got all gussied up in her special hair bow. She enjoyed some time out in the cooler, less humid weather. Blakey is the sweetest girl and loves everyone, but loves her sleep the most!