Blossom Rose

Blossom Rose

We are thrilled that Blossom Rose has been adopted.

From Blossom Rose’s new family:  She plays extremely well with all of our pups. She is attached to our daughter. She is indifferent to goats, curious about chickens, more curious about ducks because they fly AND swim, and she wants to desperately befriend a barn cat. She loves the couch already. Is snacking and drinking without issue. Smooth sailing so far. 

What’s a young girl to do when she is so full of energy and loves to run and play? Can I help it if the older female didn’t like me asking her every two minutes if she wanted to play with me?  Well, she got tired of it and lashed out at me. I had to defend myself, and I didn’t intend to hurt the old girl. But things happen.

My name is Blossom Rose and I was found wandering a few weeks ago in the country. I was not microchipped and the family who found me tried and tried to find my family, but no one came. So they decided to keep me. They took very good care of me and took me to the vet to get shots and spayed. But then there was the problem with the other dog not liking my energy level.

So today I joined rescue. Yes your eyes do not deceive you. I am not a purebred Bulldog. But that is not my fault. I need home where people will love me even if I am not perfect. My longer legs enable me to walk farther and faster. Are you looking for a walking or jogging partner? I already know how to sit when you tell me to, and when you throw a stick I know how to chase it. I may or may not bring it back. 

I am just 10 months old and I will be gaining some weight and filling out more. Would you be interested in a fun-loving girl who is not quite perfect?

5/18/22 Update:  Blossom Rose had a great visit with Dr. Larsen this week. She is energetic and fun loving. Blossom Rose loves to play with other dogs and he’s always trying to get them to play.  

5/25/22 Update:   Blossom Rose is energetic and silly. She loves stealing toys from the kids’ room and is learning to drop them on command. 

“Awesome Blossom” is very playful and almost always submissive. She loves to cuddle on the couch, too. 

6/1/22 Update: Blossom Rose loves to play and tries to get the other dogs to play all the time. She has puppy energy, but is quickly learning her manners. She was accident-free this week, too.

6/9/22 Update:   Blossom Rose had another great week. We are working on her manners (jumping, mostly). She’s energetic and full of love. She has two speeds – super fast and on-the-floor tired. Blossom is always looking to play. She had another accident-free week! 

6/13/22 Update:  Blossom Rose had another great week. She is learning more manners. This week, it’s walking on a leash. Foster Mom thinks she needs to pull less; Blossom Rose thinks she needs to make friends with every bird, butterfly and bunny. 

7/1/22 Update:  Blossom Rose is full of excitement! She hops around like a bunny and tries so hard to chase them around the neighborhood on our walks. We’ve been working on leash manners, but she’s going to need someone strong who’s willing to work with her puppy energy. 

7/19/22 Update:   Blossom Rose had an amazing time at the Bulldog Bonanza yesterday. She came home and slept alllllll night, dreaming of her forever home, I’m sure.  

Blossom is submissive, energetic and loves to play. She’s great with kids and dogs.

8/6/22 Update:   Blossom (or as my kids call her “Blossy”) is so smart and energetic. 

She wants all the attention and is food-motivated for training purposes. I’m working with her on verbal and non-verbal basic commands, such as come, sit, and stay. She’s also mastered “drop it,” when she picks up a toy that’s not hers. 

Here is quick video of her training. You have to remember when training that her stay time and distance are factors. She’s not at a full stay and leave here completely, but it’s a really good start.

8/22/22 Update:  Blossom Rose loves the cooler weather and has been on several lengthy walks this week. She used to try to pull my arm off on walks, but she’s doing much better when we go out. 

She loves to cuddle up next to me when I’m working. She’ll try to sneak things she shouldn’t chew on, but knows “drop it” – or maybe she knows when I use her middle name she’s in trouble. 

She enjoys chewing on bones, so we have several available for her to choose from. 

I cannot believe this girl hasn’t been adopted yet – she loves kids and other dogs. Blossom Rose is super smart and learns quickly!

8/25/22 Update:  Blossom Rose went on a wet run last night (i.e., she ran out the front door and we went on the most stressful dog hunt of our lives). 

After bouncing in between houses in the grass like a bunny, she ran up to our car when she saw us and hopped in…. Once home, she had a nice drink of water then put herself to bed. 

Happy to report she’s safe and happy, even though she gave her foster mom a few new gray hairs!

9/8/22 Update:  Blossom Rose is headed to Vermont English Bulldog Rescue. There have been so many volunteers working diligently to make this happen for her. She has had tons of adoption requests/applications and we couldn’t be more happy for her. I wish I could be there to see her hop like a bunny through the snow … because I know she will!