Blu Bayou

Blu Bayou

Bittersweet day…Miss Blu is headed off into the sunset in her Furever Momma’s hotrod! She is going to have a wonderful life with the Stephen’s Family. Dad unfortunately couldn’t make it today since he was working. Kara had a blast on her shopping spree at Petsmart getting prepped for Blu’s Gotcha Day!

Morning all you bulldog lovers Blu Bayou here!  I am going to let everyone know that I am breathing heavy in some photo’s,  tongue hanging out in some photos and in a dead run in some.  And I am a fat girl. But fat girls can run. 

On Wednesday when the rescue wagon rolled up for Lilly Pad I was watching out the door.  I thought to myself “Oh nooooo you don’t, you are not leaving here without me.” I pushed my face out the door and off I ran with my Mama trying to catch me.  It was a hot pursuit but, in my mind, I was going to win.  And I did. I made it to the floorboard of the rescue wagon, and nothing was going to pry me out.

I had plenty of babies in my day and it was my turn to be in a home with a couch and a big TV. So there was no pulling me out of the floorboard and stopping me now.  Finally, after a battle of wits I won and here I am.   I am at Dr. Larsen’s now and guess what she said about me?  She said  “Blu Bayou you are beautiful as can be. I would love for you to sit with me, but first off we need to talk about a weight loss plan for you and me.”  I was like oh no, not me!   My name is Blu Bayou and I am 3.

3/30/21 Update: That’s a big name for a small girl, so we’re calling her B.B.

I picked her up from Puckett’s yesterday and it took Dianne all she could muster to pick up this little one and get her in the SUV. Poor baby is a petite girl trapped in a 68.4# body. She rode home quietly and luckily, my grandson was home when I got there because I had NO idea how I was going to get her outta there.😉
B.B. is so stinkin cute. She just wants some loving so bad. When you touch her or talk to her, her little tail goes 90 mph and then she’ll follow you everywhere. She recently had her spay and has skin and coat issues, so she has so much medication to take, there’s no room left for food. 😉 She wouldn’t take a cheese treat or a liver treat from me, but I finally coaxed her into eating a little dinner.
She supposed to be a “submissive pee-er,” but so far … nope.
She was quiet all afternoon and night. This morning, she’s a little more curious … up and about and checking things out. She had to check out the dishwasher as I loaded it. She is my first dog ever who tried to get up in my dishwasher. 😂
My other dogs checked her out this morning and all was well. She was a bit intimidated by the 135# Mastiff. Luckily, the Mastiff is the most gentle, submissive dog I’ve ever seen.
We’ll keep you up to date on the weight loss regimen, but right now its nap time for everyone. Have a great Sunday.

4/5/21 Update:  Hey everyone….little Miss Diva B.B. (Blue Bayou)here. This girl is silly..pretentious..and full of excitement! When I picked up B.B last Saturday she looked like the last bratwurst coming off the grill…plump and ready to burst at the seams! Ta..Da…she has lost 4 pounds so far. You actually can see where a waist is supposed to be. Because she’s so fluffy I thought she’d be a big eater…..NOPE on that. B.B. is actually very picky at what she eats and with the utmost southern graciousness, she eats very slow and savors each bite…leaving just a little for good manners. She’s just now starting to take a cheese probiotic treat or a dried heart or liver treat. I’ve never seen ANY dog turn down those goat cheese bites!!

B.B. is always happy. Happy to see everyone and everything! She must check out each drawer or door I open…whatever I’m doing she’s right on my heels. But she can get over stimulated too. The vacuum sets her off…the yard power tools…even the fire alarms going off gets her motor running overtime.

We’ve started a 15 min walk each am and PM (that only covers 3 houses down and back) because she’s breathing so hard by then I’m afraid she’ll overheat. But a little everyday and she s just going to be the perfect size bully and so full of love. Her favorite place is on the couch….ON YOU…with her head under your chin. B.B. loves her some loving. Till next time… hope everyone has a wonderful week.

6/20/21 Update:Blu has been with me one week today and boy has it been a busy week! We are learning about each other and trying new things. She has chronic dry eye so she has to have 4 eye meds multiple times a day. She sees the eye specialist Thursday and hopefully he will adjust/decrease her meds. To say she is not a fan of eye meds is an understatement. It’s a toss up of herding cats and alligator wrestling. More meds go on her face than in her eyes. I have tried all tactics but nothing has proven foolproof yet.

We discovered she LOVES the waterhose…especially when water is squirting out🤣 She chases and bites the water and just has a grand time. She loves baths, but doesn’t like squeaky toys. Squeakers are very scary. Swiffers, hair dryers, vacuums and anything that makes loud noise will also scare her and she will try to kill it to make it stop.

She loves cuddles and pets! She has a ton of energy and likes play time with her human companions. We discovered today that small kids are scary too, so she needs an adults only home where she can be the only child.

She is small and cute as can be and potty trained! Her perfect family is out there. Until they are found, I will  continue to work on building her confidence and decreasing her fear.

6/28/21 Update: Miss Blu Bayou issuing this report from a summer camp for families who need to place their foster Bulldogs while otherwise engaged.

My foster mom flew to Seattle this weekend, where the temperature will rival that of Death Valley because it was too cold here in DFW at a mere 100 or so. Thank God we Bulldogs have better meteorological sense.
As a foster momma’s girl, after realizing she was not here the first morning, I moped. I have since rallied and looked for love from the camp counselor yesterday. He is also the chef around these parts so cozying up with him has its benefits.
Foster Mom worried about my relationship with other Bulldogs. The camp counselors say, “Problems, what problems?” I have no issues with the vintage ladies here, but slow introductions smooth the wrinkles (little Bulldog humor there).
This summer camp serves Bulldog Happy Hour (BHH) – not for nuttin’ (as they say in Joisey) but a girl could get enamored of such a nutrition regime – just sayin’. Food and Bulldogs go together like cold on ice.
Friday at BHH, we dined on warmed German potato salad garnished with deli cut roast prime rib. The dessert course, served in the same vessel, included chilled strawberries and blueberries. Saturday, we feasted on Sicilian pizza amped up with extra provolone picante and pupparoni. Iced watermelon rounded out the menu. Yo, Foster Mom, en garde!
Who can resist this face? My resume features “lover” as the first bullet point.
Foster Mom and camp counselors may fight over applications for my adoptive home, but I will make the final decision. A sweet lover such as I will not stay long enough to melt at this Slurpee stand.

7/12/21 Update:  Blu is really coming out of her shell each day! She has the sassy, spunk of a puppy and the best hugs and kisses of a sage.

Her skin has improved so much since Dr. Larsen started her on Apoquel. She doesn’t scratch herself raw or use the furniture as a scratching post anymore.
She is loving playtime! Nanny B (my mom) got her a pint-sized soccer ball! She was skeptical at first, but after I kicked it around a few times, she caught on quickly. Now, we have to have designated soccer time so she won’t overheat.
She got her first buffalo bone too from the best babysitter EVER! She gnawed that thing for two solid hours.
Now, we just need to find her furever home! She will be such a sweet and entertaining companion.
7/20/21 Update:  I had something called a pawdicure and that lady used a power tool… can you beleive that?


At first, I thought I would be scared, but then that lady gave me a pup-safe ice cream and I couldn’t have cared less what she did with my nails! She’s now my friend instead of the scary lady with power tools.

I have been such a good girl going potty outside and playing with my toys! I love everyone except little kids. They aren’t my favorite. 

I’m just waiting for a family to call my own. Until then, you can find me snuggling in one of my fluffy beds or doing my best frog impression! Mommy Rene’ says I’m the expert frog-dog.

7/26/21 Update:  Good morning from the Lewis Lodge! On today’s menu, we had breakfast with fresh blueberries. Those are my favorite! Breakfast was served in my fancy new feeder called a Fluff Trough… it has fun bling that I helped make on the Cricut too!

I asked Foster Mommy Rene if we could have play time and yoga after my post-breakfast nap. She was happy to oblige.

She says I am such a good girl and tells me how cute and little I am all the time. She lets me give her hugs every day because I specialize in giving the best hugs.

I also love bath time mostly because I get to chase the water from the spa handle! Foster Mommy Rene said something about getting me a splash pad. I’m not sure what that is but it sounds fun! Maybe it’s my reward for being such a good girl when she goes to work and I am home alone. I don’t tear anything up and I don’t potty inside while she’s gone.

I have a busy day ahead of me, so I have to run! I hope all the other foster dogs are enjoying their weekends as much as I am. 

8/2/21 Update:  It’s way too hot outside, so no nature pics for me this week. I’m going to take it easy and enjoy the AC inside. Foster Mom hates the heat too, so we are going to be inseparable… mostly because I don’t let her get very far without me. I’m a great supervisor!

I met some new people this week! Foster Auntie Traci came all the way from Washington to see me. She says she had to work, but I know she came just to see my cute face and wiggley butt. 

Foster Mom had friends over for dinner and I was the perfect hostess. “Dear Abby” informed me that attempting to get in laps while everyone is at the table is bad manners. I didn’t have to be told again. I’m a good listener! 

I love car rides, blueberries, green beans, and butt scratches too. My ideal home will have all these things, plus lots of love to give. Please remember I don’t do well with young kids. I just can’t handle my wiggler and I will knock them down like a bowling pin!

8/16/21 Update:  I had such a fun week meeting new friends and visiting family. I love everyone and I am the best helper!

I “helped” Foster Mom’s friend fix the bathroom sink. Somehow, while I was helping, I got trapped in the hallway on the wrong side of the bathroom door and when it opened again, can you believe that sink was all fixed? It was a miracle because I wasn’t even in there!

I have been learning to sew with Foster Mom. And when I get tired, I rest my eyes, while I lay in the sun on my fluffy bed.

Also, I am the official quality control officer for showers. I have made it my personal duty to make sure correct water temperature and pressure are present for everyone’s optimal showering experience. I’m so passionate about this duty that I may even try to shower with you! I haven’t been able to so far, but rest assured, I will be laying on the bath mat if my expertise is needed.

All I need now is a shower of my own in my furever home with a furever family who loves my helpfulness and companionship.

9/5/21 Update:   Blu is such a great girl. She has so much love to give and when she gives, she gives it all! Hugs, kisses, wiggles, dances!! She loves to play especially with her person, which is currently foster mom. She does better with older kids and adults. She doesn’t appear to have aggression towards other dogs but her excitement to play with them is poorly contained…she wants to give 110%😂 Having a bulldog savy owner who is patient and willing to work with her would be wonderful. Otherwise, she would be best as an only child. She loves water, treats, and belly rubs. Also, does the fastest zoomies of any bulldog in Texas!