Blu Bayou

Blu Bayou

Blu Bayou found her home with her foster family and has been adopted! She just loves both grandkids and they take turns with her sleeping with them at night. B.B., or Ms. B, is the happiest, most loving girl and just wants EVERYONE she sees or meets to love on her! She has lost 7 lbs so far and loves going for walks and playing with the other dogs.

Morning all you bulldog lovers Blu Bayou here!  I am going to let everyone know that I am breathing heavy in some photo’s,  tongue hanging out in some photos and in a dead run in some.  And I am a fat girl. But fat girls can run. 

On Wednesday when the rescue wagon rolled up for Lilly Pad I was watching out the door.  I thought to myself “Oh nooooo you don’t, you are not leaving here without me.” I pushed my face out the door and off I ran with my Mama trying to catch me.  It was a hot pursuit but, in my mind, I was going to win.  And I did. I made it to the floorboard of the rescue wagon, and nothing was going to pry me out.

I had plenty of babies in my day and it was my turn to be in a home with a couch and a big TV. So there was no pulling me out of the floorboard and stopping me now.  Finally, after a battle of wits I won and here I am.   I am at Dr. Larsen’s now and guess what she said about me?  She said  “Blu Bayou you are beautiful as can be. I would love for you to sit with me, but first off we need to talk about a weight loss plan for you and me.”  I was like oh no, not me!   My name is Blu Bayou and I am 3.

3/30/21 Update: That’s a big name for a small girl, so we’re calling her B.B.

I picked her up from Puckett’s yesterday and it took Dianne all she could muster to pick up this little one and get her in the SUV. Poor baby is a petite girl trapped in a 68.4# body. She rode home quietly and luckily, my grandson was home when I got there because I had NO idea how I was going to get her outta there.😉
B.B. is so stinkin cute. She just wants some loving so bad. When you touch her or talk to her, her little tail goes 90 mph and then she’ll follow you everywhere. She recently had her spay and has skin and coat issues, so she has so much medication to take, there’s no room left for food. 😉 She wouldn’t take a cheese treat or a liver treat from me, but I finally coaxed her into eating a little dinner.
She supposed to be a “submissive pee-er,” but so far … nope.
She was quiet all afternoon and night. This morning, she’s a little more curious … up and about and checking things out. She had to check out the dishwasher as I loaded it. She is my first dog ever who tried to get up in my dishwasher. 😂
My other dogs checked her out this morning and all was well. She was a bit intimidated by the 135# Mastiff. Luckily, the Mastiff is the most gentle, submissive dog I’ve ever seen.
We’ll keep you up to date on the weight loss regimen, but right now its nap time for everyone. Have a great Sunday.

4/5/21 Update:  Hey everyone….little Miss Diva B.B. (Blue Bayou)here. This girl is silly..pretentious..and full of excitement! When I picked up B.B last Saturday she looked like the last bratwurst coming off the grill…plump and ready to burst at the seams! Ta..Da…she has lost 4 pounds so far. You actually can see where a waist is supposed to be. Because she’s so fluffy I thought she’d be a big eater…..NOPE on that. B.B. is actually very picky at what she eats and with the utmost southern graciousness, she eats very slow and savors each bite…leaving just a little for good manners. She’s just now starting to take a cheese probiotic treat or a dried heart or liver treat. I’ve never seen ANY dog turn down those goat cheese bites!!

B.B. is always happy. Happy to see everyone and everything! She must check out each drawer or door I open…whatever I’m doing she’s right on my heels. But she can get over stimulated too. The vacuum sets her off…the yard power tools…even the fire alarms going off gets her motor running overtime. 

We’ve started a 15 min walk each am and PM (that only covers 3 houses down and back) because she’s breathing so hard by then I’m afraid she’ll overheat. But a little everyday and she s just going to be the perfect size bully and so full of love. Her favorite place is on the couch….ON YOU…with her head under your chin. B.B. loves her some loving. Till next time… hope everyone has a wonderful week.