Blue Bonnet here everyone…It’s official.  I have found my forever home and I love it here.  I have a new mom and dad and a skin sister who pays all kinds of attention to me.  I have my very own bed and lots of toys that I don’t have to share with any other fur sibling.  I love my new home and want to thank Lone Star Bulldog Rescue for taking care of me until I found my forever home.

I’MMMM BAACCKK. You may remember, I thought I had found my forever family a couple of weeks ago. Well, sometimes things don’t always work out like we plan.Take this virus stuff for instance. So I called Foster Dad and said “Hey, this place may not be for me. How about you come get me, bring me back and let’s start this over again.” So here I am.

I am an easy going, laid back kinda gal. I’m not high maintenance and I get along with other dogs. Not sure about cats ~ I haven’t been around them. I probably shouldn’t be in a forever home with small humans, as I am a big girl. I like to be close to my humans and I might knock them down. That’s not a good thing. Trust me.
I do really well when it comes to going outside to do my business and I take treats very softly from your hand. By the way, I love treats and attention… LOTS OF ATTENTION. When I get attention, my tail just wiggles non-stop.

Foster Mom and Dad and I are going to be looking over new applications for my forever home, so make sure you get yours submitted soon. You may be my perfect match! Besides, with being on quarantine (whatever that is), what else do you have to do?

Happy, happy Valentine’s Day to me! I found my Valentine furever Family and I am so excited. Foster mom and dad took me to visit some people the other day and when I walked into the door, I immediately fell in love with them and them with me. Who wouldn’t love me… I’m adorable.

When it was time to go, I didn’t want to go and they didn’t want me to leave. Foster dad had to pull me by my harness to get me to leave and he has never had to do that before. LOL…. I was just so excited I forgot my manners for a minute.

Anyway, I now have a forever mom and dad, three skin brothers and fur sister to play with, snuggle with and love.

We were all playing on the floor, I was licking their faces and my butt was wiggling so fast, I could hardly stand up. We all knew as soon as we met it was love at first sight. See, Valentine’s Day wishes do come true.

When my new family came to pick me up I was packed and ready to go and never looked backed. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everything Dr. Larsen and her staff did for me, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and foster mom and dad, but this is MY new home and I am so happy.

Don’t worry. I may be spoken for, but there are a lot of other Bulldogs that are looking for forever homes so get your application in fast.

Yes, just like the Texas state flower, I am beautiful. I was so excited I was able to find a fabulous place to have some Valentine photos taken that I just sat right down and did not want to move. I would have stayed all day, but no one was serving breakfast and I am a huge fan of breakfast.

I called Dr. Larsen to let her know I was coming to the vet clinic and she was so excited. Dr. Larsen said I could sit in her lap today and I could tell her all about me!

I can tell ya’ll that I love other dogs and kids. I love kids! I have had some babies in my day, but those baby days are over for me, and I am looking forward to some vacation days!

I am 4 years old and this morning, when I was walking with a harness and leash, it felt pretty good. I would walk a few steps, sit down, then lay down then roll over and kick my legs. It took awhile to get where I am going, but I got there.

I am a bit on the shy side when I first meet people, but once we get to know each other, I will be stuck like glue!

1/27/20 Update:  This was my first week to spend with time with Bluebonnet. She is a shy, quiet girl right now, as she gets comfortable with her new surroundings and new life.

At 4 years old, Bluebonnet is a healthy, stout and sweet baby girl! On picture day, she wasn’t quite sure of what we wanted from her. As we worked with her, we supplied a lot of kisses and then she relaxed and began to enjoy all the attention. I felt sorry for her because she seemed so timid. We tried treats, but she wasn’t quite sure what they were. We’re sure that will change over the next few weeks!

The beautiful thing about a girl like Bluebonnet is that she’ll eventually let her guard down once she gains more confidence. She’s soon understand that we’re all here to help her bloom. Soon, when I come to see her, I know she’ll come right out of her bed, greet me and we’ll go outside to play. I’ve seen it happen over and over again and it amazes me every time. Bluebonnet is on her way to a wonderful new life and I’m so glad I’m here to see it!