Bo Jaxson

Bo Jaxson

Today was an awesome day for Bo Jaxson and Daisy. They were adopted together. These two hit the jackpot with their new family. Both their parents work from home, and they will be the only dogs so they will get all the love and attention they both deserve.

And with today being National Bulldog Day we have a double reason to celebrate.

Hello everyone it’s Bo and Daisy Jo joining rescue.  We are both six years old, and half brother and sister. It was a very hard decision for our family to put us in rescue, but sometimes things just happen. Our family is having to move in with family members and they said no dogs unless we lived on the porch. And everyone knows Bulldogs can’t live outside. So here we are. 

When the lady from Rescue came to get us there were lots of hugs and tears shed. But we know we are gonna find a great family to love us the rest of our lives.  We are a bonded pair and have always been together and the Rescue lady promised my mom she would make sure we stayed together. We have to get current on our shot and we need a spay and neuter, but then we will be ready for our forever family. So if your looking for a dynamic duo that are very sweet get your applications in. 

3/30/22 Update:  I’ve been in my foster home for two weeks and things are going really well. I have been learning lots of manners and I’m learning that I don’t need to be the boss all the time.  

I met Dr. Larsen today. She will do a snip-snip on me and then I will be ready for my forever family. 

Things to know about me: 

~I am about as handsome as they come and a really sweet guy. 

~I walk really well on my leash, I love car rides and do excellent even on long trips.

~I love to be wherever my people are and will follow you wherever you go. 

~I do snore, but not very loud. 

~I don’t drool and I give super gentle kisses. 

~I rarely bark. 

Things I don’t like? Basically anything with wheels or a motor. Lawnmower, trash can, tractor, four-wheeler, etc. I’m OK with the vacuum, though. 

I also don’t like sharing my food, so I have to eat by myself. No biggie!

4/14/22 Update:  Bo loves to be with people. He will follow you every where you go. But he especially loves being in someone’s lap. We have been working on his manners and trying to teach him that he needs to be invited to sit with you.