Bonnie Faye

Bonnie Faye

It’s me, Bonnie Faye, with my new family! My new dad is Ian, my new mom is Kathy and my new skin sister is Avery. Then there are the fur kids: Petey, Marley and Cleo. This family has a lot of Bulldog experience. In fact, I’m the ninth one for them to own!

I knew a couple weeks ago that this was my new family. I have been so excited waiting to join them. They adopted Cleo last week and this week, they were ready for me.

I got up early, took a shower and counted the minutes until it was time. I was so excited! Then when I got to the house, I walked in and headed straight to the toy box, just like I had lived there forever.

The resident queen Marley (adopted 7 years ago from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue) kept a close eye on me to make sure I knew there was no jumping on the big couch. However, I learned the two other couches have covers on them for Bulldogs with fur. Little does Marley know that until I finish Jenny Craig, this body won’t be jumping up on anything.

Petey, my new brother, is laid back. He didn’t really welcome me, like Cleo did. Petey just looked me over and walked off. Cleo jumped over me, on top of me, around me and ran like the wind through the house. I was glad when she jumped in the toy box and started throwing me some toys.

To say this is a dream come true for me is a understatement. Sometime senior dogs have a hard time finding forever families, but not me, Bonnie Faye. I hit the Bulldog jackpot and I am as happy as can be.

Bonnie Faye checking in today after joining rescue this morning!  Not exactly sure what happened to my family, all I really know is their were some changes and they had to move and they packed me and my sister and a cat up and dropped us off at a family friend’s home.  And wow did the family friend realize I required just a little more maintenance than she was used to. First of all she thought I might need to go on a diet.  Well, dieting is hard to do when you are hungry all the time.  And, even though I am full figured and might need to firm up my thighs I do think I am a 10 on a bulldog scale of 1-10!  

I do have a slight wiggle and I have what I think is arthritis in my leg, but trust me, I get where I am going.  I am going to Dr. Larsen’s tomorrow for a “once over” and some lap sitting time and to let everyone kiss my face. I expect the girls at the clinic to have a fit when they see me.  I just had a birthday on April 2nd,  I turned 7 years old.  I thought there was going to be some cake and ice cream but that didn’t happen so I am hoping on my adoption day there will be cake and ice cream to celebrate ME! Love everyone, Bonnie Faye