Buttercup (now Butter)

Buttercup (now Butter)

Jelly Bean and Buttercup are no strangers to rescue, as this is their second time around. They started life as puppy mill moms. They left that life behind and joined rescue. They were adopted by a family who decided not to keep them. A year later, they were back in rescue. This time they were a bonded pair. Keeping them together was a priority and they went to their foster home together. They were overweight and in need of surgeries, so they started their journey to get healthy again. Jelly is completely healed from her hernia surgery. She has slimmed down a bit and is now just plump and happy. Butter is still doing her physical therapy, but her knee is doing great. At times, you don’t even see a limp. She also has slimmed down and is ready for bikini weather. Today is the best day ever because this is their adoption day. They will now be known as Jelly and Butter. Some might call it a foster fail, but this momma has fallen in love with these two precious babies. I couldn’t imagine them ever being adopted by someone else. These two love each other and will now never have to worry about being separated. They will be able to help welcome other pups into rescue and let them know that their happily-ever-after is just around the corner. As for these two, today we begin our furever lives together.

Please welcome Buttercup (formerly known as Bonnie Raitt) back to rescue! From her foster momma: Buttercup arrived at her foster home with her sister, Jelly Bean. Buttercup is a shy girl. She was happy to explore with her sister, but once her crate was set up, she retreated to her safe place. Foster mom was able to win some points with a small piece of cheese. It will take some time, but Buttercup will settle in fine. I’m looking forward to seeing this sweet girl come out of her shell.

Bonnie Raitt has found her furever home with the Bradley family! The story gets even sweeter: earlier this week, the Bradleys adopted Bonnie’s sister, Billy Jean. Bonnie is now named Buttercup and Billy Jean is now named Jellybean. Here is what the Bradleys said today: “She did good last night, very timid but slowly warming up. She is inseparable from her sister, and I think it makes her feel safer. She has a healthy appetite! We just love her!” So happy the sweet sisters will get to grow old together in the same loving home!

Please welcome Bonnie Raitt to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She writes: This introduction has been a long time coming. I have spent many days and nights waiting to tell you I made it here, and I am going to get to see my sister! Yes, you read that right. I have a sister in rescue and my real sister is Billy Jean. Weeks back, Billy Jean hopped in a SUV and got the heck out of town, leaving me behind, but promising me that someone would be back for me, and that someone did come back.

It’s been a process. It’s taken a while, but here I am, and I am so happy, so excited and so looking forward to the changes coming my way. First thing I am going to do is go see Billy Jean and kiss her all over, and thank her for not leaving me behind forever. Billy Jean let the right people know about me and they set out on a mission trip to find me and to get me. This morning, while everyone was asleep, I jumped in the same SUV that carried Billy Jean and I never looked back. All that was left behind was a cloud of dust.
Billy Jean and Bonnie Raitt, two sisters from the same litter, are back together. My first stop was going to see my sister Billy Jean. That is her in the some of these pics.

9/3/17 Update:  Hello! I’m Bonnie – the new, petite girl on the block! After spending the first 4 years of my life in a crate as a puppy mill mama, I’m learning there is a whole world outside that crate! It’s a little scary and yet exciting, too! The crate is my safety net but I’m slowly learning to venture out of it. My foster parents have coaxed me out. I even went to a dog park but I stayed very close to them or the other dogs I live with right now. I’m still very shy and unsure of myself but my foster parents are very patient with me. They love to pet me and that feels new to me as well. I even gave my foster mom a little lick to know I liked it. They keep trying to give me these things called “treats” but I don’t know what those are either but they seem to insist I will like them. I am crate trained but learning house training. I was told I do ok with the other dogs in the house but I do growl if they come near my food because it’s all mine! I can’t wait to see what new adventures lie ahead of me! I hope you can be a part of them!

9/25/17 Update:  It’s been a fun week at my foster home! I got to play so much with my foster brother. He’s bigger than me but such a gentle giant when we play. He likes to chase me around the table over and over and then I chase him back. I never knew playing could be so much fun! It makes my foster parents laugh and laugh. After we play, we get treats and take a nap on the couch together. I’ve discovered I like to chew things, so my foster parents make sure I have plenty of chew toys and that does the trick! I’m not used to be spoiled but I do love it so. Maybe you need princess in your life? I would love for you to spoil me so please come meet me. You won’t regret it!

10/8/17 Update:  Good news… I have been so good with my house training the past week! I’ve only had two accidents in the house and my foster parents are so proud of me. I really like to be outside! I love to sunbathe and soak up all the rays. I also love hugs and being in my foster parents’ laps. I’m super playful in the morning and would love a furever family who has patience with me and let’s me warm up to them at my own pace.

10/15/10 Update:  This week has been different! My foster parents put out these round orange things in the yard. My foster brother likes to hike his leg on them but I just like to sniff them on my walks outside. (I walk well on a leash, by the way, even though I still won’t walk on the grass. Feels weird to me!) I’m still working on my house training but have been running straight to the backdoor every morning! I’m still a bit nervous and would do best with a family who will be patient and calm with me. I love hanging on the couch with my foster family even though this week they have been trying out something called a Halloween costume on me. I’m not a fan of them but they seem to make my foster parents giggle. Hope you enjoy my Madonna costume! Vogue! I have Blonde Ambition!

1/7/19 Update:  Buttercup is slowly settling into her foster home. She chooses to spend most of her time in her crate. She only comes out on occasion and usually when no one is watching. She has to be prompted to come out to go potty. I’ve seen signs of her becoming more trusting, but it will take some time. I’ve also been hand feeding her, as she doesn’t want to eat out of her dish.

Buttercup went to see the vet today. She has a knee injury and we will be talking with Dr. Lay soon to have it assessed. She had vaccinations done and a heartworm test. We will know the heartworm test results on Monday. She weighed in a 55 lbs, which is too much for her little frame. She started her diet with the new year and I’m sure she will be swimsuit-ready in no time.

2/4/19 Update:  Buttercup hung out with Dr Larsen all last week. She was able to get her knee assessed by Dr Lay and it looks like an ACL repair will be required. Buttercup is back in her foster home until she can be scheduled. As you can see from the pictures, she really missed her sister.