Boomer has been adopted! From his foster momma: Yesterday, Boomer headed south with his new family😊 I’d like to think that he was slightly sad leaving me, but that sweet little face tells a different story😄 Boomer happily climbed in the back seat with his little sister, as mom, dad and soon-to-be-here baby brother drove in the front. Boomer’s new family have lots of Bulldog experience, so no worries here. Boomer is the BEST Bulldog baby and has made this foster momma very proud Best wishes to Phillip, Marilyn and little Abby… and can’t wait to see Boomer with his little baby brother!

Sing it with us: Double Vision by Foreigner! No, you don’t have double vision ~ what you are seeing is a 5-year-old brother/sister duo joining our family. Sasha, in pink, and her brother Boomer, in blue, packed their bags and headed here after their mom had a baby. Not that they didn’t like the baby. Truth is the baby needed a lot more of mom’s time than she anticipated and these two found themselves on the short end of the stick for time and attention. They’ve always been loved and adored and the mom knew they deserved more than she could give.

Boomer is terrified of thunder and his safety place is in the bathtub, not in a crate. Sasha’s favorite place is sunning in the back yard. Sasha is the protector ~ when a storm is coming, she moves close to her brother. These two perfect Bulldogs are litter mates, bonded at the hip. If you see one, you see the other one, so we don’t want to separate these two. You can’t call one and not get two. You can’t play tug-of-war with just one ~ you’ll have to play with two!

3/29/18 Update:  Boomer and Sasha are 5 years old and a bonded brother and sister pair.  I don’t know how I get so lucky to foster such amazing  bulldogs. Boomer is a sweet,  easy going lap dog and his sister is clearly the one that watches out for him.   Sasha has more spunk and is more athletic than Boomer. I was told that Boomer was  afraid of thunder and that the bath tub was his safe place… so last night with the storms that rolled thru,  I placed him in the tub and just like that,  he  calmed down. They are so stinking cute cuddled together in the tub.  Sasha was able to jump in on her own but Boomer needs a little help.  

They are both housebroken, love going for walks and in general,  just enjoy the outdoors.  Sasha loves her stuffed babies and will hold and “nurse” them… so sweet❤. 

These 2 will be perfect for anyone looking to have an instant bulldog family!  They blend so perfectly together and I don’t notice much difference  having two other than one more bowl of chow during meals!  I would recommend that their home not have small children as neither of them realize the strength behind their kisses and loving.