Bowser Dan

Bowser Dan

Yes – it’s true. I will be leaving Foster Mom today to go to my furever home. I cannot believe I will have a backyard for running and I get to go live with two fur siblings. I hope we can all play together because when I met them yesterday, we all seemed to like each other.
Foster Mom is beyond sad, as she loved me SO much. She loved to squish my face and sing me songs (don’t tell her, but she is no Beyonce!).
Foster Mom had one last wish for me: to be a happy valentine and indeed I will be. Here’s what she sang (she calls it singing…again, no Beyonce):
L is for the way you lick my face
O’s no overbite on your face
V is very, very, extra squishy cheeks, I cherish
E is even more your new family will adore
Love is all that we can give to you
Love is more than 1 bully, it might be two
Two with love can make it
They take our heart, but never break it
Love was made for bullies too

Hello bulldog people, it’s me Bowser Dan joining rescue! Sometime when things are not going well you just have to pack your backpack and relocate. And that is just what I did. My family had 2 other males and because they were bigger and taller, I found myself being “bullied” a lot. Everyone wanted to be the boss, but me. I just wanted to get along.  But more often than not they ganged up on the “little fella” and I got the bad end of the deal. I have some sores on my neck and around my ears that are healing, but I told myself the last time it happened that was going to be the last time.  

Dog fights are no fun and getting hurt was no fun either. I am so happy that my family realized that this was happening and they called the lady they got me from and she came and picked me up.  

So here I am headed to sit in Dr Larsen’s lap and tell her all about my life. I will be 2 years old in March and after a little surgery I will be looking for my forever family that thinks I am about the cutest bulldog there ever was!

1/30/21 Update:  Hear ye, Hear ye… I am thrilled to introduce the only Bulldog you’ll ever need… until you adopt him and realize you need another…and another (maybe we should name them Lays!)

This is Bowser Dan – a small boy with a big head full of smoosh. At just about 2 years old, he still has tons of energy but knows his name and knows how to sit. So far, he has been all about kisses and pets and hugs, which works for me – will it work for you?
I’m seeing some separation issues as he cries when someone leaves the house. I am not sure if this is something he will always do or if, as any new situation can be, he is just anxious and adjusting.
He is truly a bag of smoosh.

2/2/21 Update:  I don’t mean to brag, but Foster Mom cannot stop squishing my face and telling me how cute I am. Well, she’s not wrong.

The pictures don’t do me justice, but I don’t stay still very much for them. I still have a lot of puppy energy, despite being almost 2 years old.
Foster Mom says I should have been named “Newton,” as this object in motion tends to stay in motion!
Do you have an active family? Kids to play with me? If so, I may be your perfect match to keep them busy.
I am great when it is potty time and I do love to walk. I can sit, but I don’t like to… especially if there is food involved.
I have learned that once it’s “light’s out,” it is time for bed and I settle in for the night. I say “settle in,” but Foster Mom says “turn on the snore machine.”
SO – here I am, wanting love and pets… where are you?