Brazos has been patiently waiting for his meet-and-greet. It was originally scheduled for next weekend, but it got bumped up and he was over the moon! 

He climbed all over his new mom, dad, and sister, and gave them tons of kisses! Brazos is joining a fur sister and fur brother, too. He is already so loved by his new family. 

I hope he remembers to keep up his good manners and helps his new family with the laundry and dishes, just like he did in his foster house. We will miss you sweet, Brazos!

I was sitting on the sidewalk when the rescue wagon rounded the corner. No way was I staying behind this time. 

I had watched the rescue wagon lots of times, but it was never my time. Today was my day. 

I was barely able to hobble down the sidewalk, but I was determined to go. Even before the rescue women opened the car door, I tried to run toward them. 

I didn’t matter how bad I smelled, they swooped me up like I was the Hope Diamond. Today was my day and I’m calling it “MY FREEDOM DAY!”  

All my pads are raw and all I can really do is limp. I have a hematoma in each of my ears. When the woman looked in my ears, she said, “I don’t even see the ear canals.” Not sure what that means, other than I have had my share of ear infections in my life. Plus, I know it’s hard to believe, but I stood in urine so much, it ate off the bottom of my pads. 

But today is the first day of the rest of my life ~ and what a wonderful life it is going to be! My name is Brazos, I am 3 years old and whatever you do, say some prayers for me. I can barely walk ~ it hurts so bad and my skin is a mess. And my hearing? We’ll just have to wait and see. But I promise when you meet me, you are going to absolutely love me.

3/25/22 Update:  Brazos made it to his foster home today. Would you look at the size of those paws?!!! He is sweet as pie! Even though you can tell his feet hurt when he’s limping along you can also tell that he wants to play. Brazos has been timidly investigating everything – except for his foster brothers, he already loves them!

We are going to practice rolling Brazos around in a stroller tonight and if he does well he’ll see y’all at tomorrow’s event!

3/30/22 Update:  When we showed up at the Bulldog Bonanza on Saturday, I thought there was a celebrity sighting… little did I know that the celebrity was Brazos! 

He LOVED all of the attention. If he wasn’t being pushed around in the doggy stroller, he was being carried or held by a Bulldog enthusiast. He went right to bed when we got home. He was exhausted! 

We got a lot of questions at the event about him, so here are the answers to the most common questions we got asked…

Brazos is sweet and easy-going. He loves to sleep on blankets, but isn’t sure what treats, toys and dog beds are for… yet. 

He enjoys being out of the crate and wants to be near people. We only keep him crated at night and at meal time. 

He is not potty trained yet, but will go outside without an issue so long as he has company. 

Brazos loves to eat his kibble and knows where to get water. 

He has a bunch of different wipes, ointments and sprays to help his paws, skin and ears. He doesn’t like it when his ears are moved around/shaken, even if he’s getting pets at the same time – that could just be his personal preference. 

I can tell his paws hurt, but he is so patient with me when it’s time to clean and treat them. Yes, he snores. 

Keep thinking happy thoughts for this sweetie pie. Brazos gets to meet Dr. Larsen on Friday and is scheduled to be neutered the following Tuesday.

4/5/22 Update:  Brazos left us for an extended stay at the vet to take care of some medical issues, including a little snip. 

When he checked in, he had a tail infection, skin infection and both ears were infected. 

The condition of his paws still causes him to limp, but I hear they are slowly but surely improving. 

His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. 

He was only in our foster home for a week before leaving for his extended vet stay-cation. In the week he was here, he started to figure out what toys were for and even enjoyed a treat or two. 

We all miss him so much and can’r wait for him to come back. Brazos is sweet and just wants a loving family to snuggle him.

4/26/22 Update:  Brazos really enjoys his short walks and will try to suggest that it’s time for a walk by tugging on a leash. He wants to play with the resident dogs all the time. It’s quite funny to see him chase our 100 lb Great Pyrenees/Lab around the yard.

Brazos recently watched our kiddos climb up to jump on the trampoline and he wanted to join in on the fun, but he didn’t know what to do when he got up there, so I had to help him down.

Brazos loves any attention he can get, and it’s almost impossible to say no to him. He has figured out that treats are yummy and toys are for fun. He will occasionally bring me a shoe, but when the shoe gets swapped out with a toy, he’s perfectly happy with it.

5/2/22 Update:   We’ve got good news brewing for Brazos – he has a meet and greet scheduled for the weekend of May 14! 

While he’s waiting on his meeting,  he’s continued to help with laundry. 

This week, he helped me unload a hamper of doggie blankets, but halfway through, he decided that he needed a break and turned the hamper into a bed. 

Brazos still loves bath time and enjoys being pampered.