Brock has been adopted!! He joins his BIG sister, Mika, and a Bulldog brother named Bear. Congrats, Brock!

Please welcome 3 year old Brock to Rescue. He was an owner surrender, of no fault of his own. Brock celebrates his birthday on August 22, and he will be 4.  Brock hopes to have another family by his birthday!

8/21/16 Update:  Brock and I get along. We are learning to coexist.  Brock is hard to read. 80% of the time he is perfect, the other 20% he is growling, terrified to move, and afraid he is going to be hit cowering in the back of a crate or in a corner. I have not given up on Brock, He is too young and must have really been abused by the family that dropped him off at the shelter!

9/25/16 Update:  Beautiful boy Brock has been with us for almost two weeks and he has been a complete joy to foster. All of the heartbreaking work was done with his first foster mom, as he came into rescue scared of all people. This little boy has such hope and love in his eyes and actually wants to trust us humans again. I am so grateful that he does because he is one wonderful Bulldog and I promised him that NO ONE will ever hurt him again. Only love, love and more love for Brock for the rest of his life. Brock is 4 years old, gets along wonderfully with his foster siblings, loves tummy scratches, treats and adores his toys. When he came to us, we were told that the crate is not good for Brock, as it seems to be a reminder of his former life and what it represents. Luckily, he has really caught on with this house training thing and has only had a couple of accidents. But boy, does he love his bed! We call it “home base,” as he will run back to it after running around the house. Every day that goes by, we see his confidence grow and his emotional walls come down. His perfect family would not have small children, but lots of kindness, patience and hopefully, experience with rescued animals.

10/2/16 Update: Brock had a fabulous week as he had his cherry eye fixed. He’s looking and feeling like a million bucks!
The cooler temperatures have this Bulldog playing and running around in the backyard, happy as can be. Brock is all about the love now that he has discovered it since coming into rescue. Never will he go without it again. He absolutely adores to play with his toys, loves to annoy his cranky foster sister and play with his foster brother. Brock has the softest little mouth when he takes a treat from you. He just seems so grateful for it. You can’t help but fall in love with this boy with his soulful eyes and full-body wiggle.

10/9/16 Update:  Another wonderful week with Brock with his foster family.  Thanks to the cooler weather, foster dad has been taking this boy and foster brother for some fun walks in the morning.  And the word is, he loves it and is improving on leash walking.  Brock is also improving on house training, with just a couple of accidents.  He has so much personality and the most soulful eyes that can melt your heart.  Whomever adopts Brock will be an exceptionally lucky family indeed.

10/16/16 Update:  Another week has gone by with our sweet foster boy, Brock. He continues to be a wonderful house guest and foster brother to his fur siblings. Since there have been cooler days, we have discovered that he loves to walk. No sniffing trees and stopping every few feet… this boy wants to go!

He also has a little mischievous side. Foster mom stepped away from the desk for just a moment and Brock got my sandwich! Hey, it was my fault for leaving it too close to the edge. How could you be mad at this face?