Brody Bear

Brody Bear

Hello bulldog friends I wanted everyone to know that yesterday while ya’ll were chasing the easter bunny l had different plans! I was moving in with my forever family!  

That’s right, yesterday I hopped over and settled in with Julie, Tony, and a new skin sister Emma, and with the matriarch bulldog lady, Daisy.  

So far Daisy and I are keeping our distance. I don’t want her to think I am moving in and taking over. Daisy is not sure she wants to be best friends yet, but I have a way of winning ladies over with my good looks and my charm. So, in a matter of time Daisy is going to love me! Emma loves to read books and she loves to read to me. I now have a pool to lounge around in with my life vest on, and I am hoping to have my own cabana boy this summer to fan me.  

So, rescue friends this is my good-bye. I will see you at some bulldog events. It was a great experience, but I am out of here forever. Love everyone, Brody!

It was such a tough decision. I wanted to stay, and my family wanted me to stay, but let’s face it, I was getting tired of being home alone. It became a group decision and everyone agreed: the most important thing was me.  

I told my family I was ready to pack my backpack and find a stay-at-home family who needs a fabulous 4-year-old fella like me. You see, as the kids grew older and the sports got more intense, the family had to do a lot of traveling… and that was hard on me. I don’t really like to travel unless it is to the magic window for ice cream. Longer trips? Nope. I don’t want to go. 

I have what the vet calls “anxiety” when I see my harness or car keys. I love, love, love to go in the car, but then I get so excited, I start panting, looking around and then it takes forever for me to calm down. 

I’m one of those fellas who likes familiar places and familiar things. I’ve never been crated. I know my manners and I have always been able to roam around the house. I just want to be a couch potato. I want to lay around with my family and watch TV. My perfect family will be just like me… one who loves to stay home, maybe work in the garden and watch some good flicks.