Brody Dustin

Brody Dustin

My big day finally came and my dream has come true. I found my forever home!
Foster Mom and Dad met with these really nice guys and I instantly knew this was my new family. I have three fur sisters and a fur brother to spend my days with playing. We all did the initial introductions and they welcomed me to the family. I was so happy I almost forgot to go back and thank Foster Mom and Dad for taking care of me and teaching me some manners. Now… I’m off to new adventures!

Hello everyone!  There was a rescue wagon on Wednesday, and I stepped right in.  I saw Lilly Pad and I saw Blu Bayou hop right in, so I thought “Why not me too?”  I was marked to be a baby-daddy.  That’s pretty much all I ever heard.  Well, that, and what a fabulous fella I was growing up to be.  

The ladies did seem to love me, but I never really got that “loving feeling” except I did have the desire to hump a human leg every now and then. You see both of my testicle never dropped. One did, one is somewhere else.  And that’s a mystery to me. But, in my line of business, that’s not good.  So, the rescue wagon said come along with me and I hopped right in.  

Dr. Larsen blushed when I got that loving feeling with her, she said the strangest thing to me.  She said “Brody in a few days I will find your missing testicle and I am going to change you from a rooster to a hen.  Not exactly how that is going to work, but count me in.  My name is Brody Dustin and I am 2 years old.

4/20/21 Update:  I’ve been in my new foster home for about a week now and I’m liking it.

There are a lot of rules to follow. I’m not used to that, so I don’t follow them like I should. Foster Dad said I’m going to learn manners one way or the other. Not sure what that really means, but I think he means it. He said something about making a Marine out of me… GULP.
Foster Mom and Dad said I need to quit jumping up because I could knock someone down. I just want attention, but I’ll learn I’ll get more attention with “all four on the floor.”
I met the other resident dogs and get along with most of them, although the little ones are afraid of me. Maybe they’re intimidated by my muscles.
My foster parents keep giving me these little bits of food they call treats. I don’t know what to do with them, but I’ll learn. I’m committed to be the best dog out there. I’m going to become a wonderful companion to the lucky furever family who gets matched to me!
I’ll send in more updates as soon as I get a better grasp on these “silly” rules.

4/24/21 Update: Good morning, all you Bulldog lovers. It’s Brody Dustin checking in from my foster home.

I’m learning that outside is where I do my business. I have only had one accident in the house. I was trying to go out the doggie door, but didn’t quite fit and Foster Dad was laughing. I didn’t think it was funny at all. I’m also learning not to jump up on people as much, but sometimes I get excited and forget. I’ve learned where my food is served and what treats are. I love treats… yum. I’m not food aggressive and take the treats gently.
I am a big boy, but am nothing but a love bug with a wiggly butt. All I want is to be close to my foster mom and dad and when I’m inside, I think I’m a lap puppy. Foster Mom said that doesn’t quite work because I’m so big.
I met the other dogs in the house and we seem to get along just fine. I will say the little dog runs from me and then I chase her, thinking she wants to play. Foster Dad says she may be scared of me.
My forever home and family will offer me lots of attention. I don’t know if small humans should be around because I don’t always realize how big I am and I may knock them down. I don’t know how I would do around cats because I’ve never met one.

4/28/21 Update: I have been in my foster home now for two weeks and my charming personality is starting to blossom.  I love to play and chew on my toys.  I found out I like going for walks, although, the first couple of times foster dad described me as somewhere between a bucking bronco and a draft horse.  I’m not sure what either one of them are but they must be good since it was about me.  I did finally figure out that if I walk with foster dad everything goes much smoother and I get to see more of the wonderful sights and experience all the different smells.

I will start looking through applications here in a couple of days to find my forever home.  WHAT??? You haven’t filled out an application?  What are you waiting for?  We could be a match.


What I’m looking for in my forever home is someone who is active and will take me for walks and give me plenty of exercise.  I am still learning some manners so I need someone who is patient and willing to work with me some more.  After all, I am only 2 years old and still kind of a puppy.  I haven’t had an accident in the house in several days so I am learning to go outside to do my business.  I don’t think there should be little humans in the house as I am a bit rambunctious and might knock them over…not on purpose but just in playing.  I’m not sure about cats, never been around one before, but I do get along with the other dogs in the house, except that girl bulldog.  She just doesn’t like anyone.