Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bulldog people, this was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! Earlier in the week, I met my family and today was my adoption day. 

When I pulled up in front of my furever home, everyone came out hollering “Welcome home, Bruce! We waited all week for you to come back!” 

I seriously thought I was going to cry. I felt like a super star! 

It took me a while to look through all the approved applications to find the family who was right for me. I wanted a family who would ensure I’d always be a part of their lives. If they go someplace, I want to go too. I wanted someone home with me during the day. If they take walks around the neighborhood when the weather is nice, I want to walk too. And I wanted someone to play with me! 

Mealtime is my favorite time of the day and my new family understands that treats are a requirement. 

They have a big toy box and I can take the toys all over the house. Beds are everywhere. And I have a new bed just my size!

I have the perfect family. Lisabeth is my new mom, my dad is Kirk and my skin sister is Erica. 

My fur sister is a French Bulldog and her name is Chicken. She’s a hoot. She sat down in my new bed and she thought I would get mad. She doesn’t know yet, but nothing makes me mad. I just moved someplace else. I tried to give Chicken a little ear licking and found out she’s not into an ear licking just yet. But she will be.

So, rescue, it’s been fun. My time here was great, but today starts the first day of the rest of my life. This Bruce Willis is out of here and I just know my new life is going to be amazing!

There have been some changes in the household that I did not see coming. My mother is having twins – that’s two babies at once. And,  wow, is she nervous. She says it will be a lot different than me when I was a baby.  I was a perfect baby and I hope her twins are too. 

I’ve always had great Bulldog care and she was afraid with the twins on the way, that I might not get the time and the care I need. I do need a lot of time and attention! I’m also super active. I love to run and I can play soccer. Kind of. You kick me the ball and I can run toward it and keep on going. And going and going. The thing about bringing it back? I have not mastered that yet.  

Some of my favorite activities are eating, playing with other dogs and playing with people. I probably need a family with older kids because sometimes I can come in “Like A Wrecking Ball!” Mylie Cyrus ain’t got nothing on me! If I had hands to hold on with, I could swing also. I am super playful; I like people to play with me. 

At one time, I lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor and I could go up and down the stairs with ease. Now, I live in a home with a big backyard, but it’s been so hot, I just look out the window. When fall gets here, I am going to run, play and have the best time!  

My perfect family will be active ~ not couch potatoes. I want to be included when you go places and be a part of your family! Hopefully, your application is already in and we may be a perfect match!