Brutus James

Brutus James

Brutus has been adopted!  Brutus James woke up yesterday morning and put his best smile on, and swooned the family of his dreams! They drove a long way to come see this boy who stole their hearts on our page, and they were so excited to this meet this sweet boy. As they came in the house, Brutus took off running, jumped around and gave a happy dance like never seen before. That boy, and his forever family fell in love with each other right before our eyes. His momma got on the floor with him and Brutus ran right over, got in her lap, and then flopped over for belly rubs. To say it was a truly amazing sight is an understatement. This is the reason why we do what we do.. to see these babies who are “homeless” for unforeseen reasons or reasons they can’t help, turn around and find that special someone who will love them for them. Makes me so happy and I wish the best to Brutus and his family. He will go to live life on a ranch and have many trips in the family motorhome, and maybe even a few trips in an airplane. We love you, Brutus aka Brubus, and hope your life is filled with joy and happiness!

Good morning everyone, it’s me Brutus joining rescue.  Most everyone calls me Bully and that’s the name I heard the most.  Yesterday was bitter sweet for me. Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 8 years old.  Yesterday I left the only home I had ever known.  And my home was amazing.  But, there were some changes and I had no choice. So I packed my bed and food and I am looking for another fabulous family.  5 years ago my Dad died and within the last few months my Mom has fallen twice and now she is in a rehabilitation hospital. After rehab she is moving into a Assisted Living Facility and her new home said No Bully’s Allowed! Yesterday my Mom’s caretaker drove me to the rehab and I told my Mom goodbye and she hugged me and told me she loved me and this was not supposed to happen, But it did and I told her I would be alright.  I am a bit spoiled and I do come with my own set of requirements in choosing a new family. So let me tell you what I am used to.

Monday is manicure day;  Tuesday is take me for a ride in the car day;  Wednesday is Whataburger day;  Thursday is spa day;  Friday is Family day—cooking on the grill day;  Saturday is wash my bed day and ice cream day;  Sunday is watch church on the TV day and eat a steak day.

Well folks that’s all I can think of to tell you about me except you will absolutely love me !!!

6/24/18 Update:  I have been at Foster Mom’s house for almost a week and I have to say I like it! The pantry and kitchen are my favorite spots to hang out. They have some good “noms” that get passed out at different times of the day, and my ears perk up when anyone walks in there. There is also this mini human that lives here and we have become BFFs so far. He has the best “noms,” but don’t tell Foster Mom! I love following my people from room-to-room to make sure there is nothing I need to help with. I like to help, you see! But sometimes, I do not like following them into my room because there is this thing called “my kennel.” I only have to go in there if Foster Mom is gone a long time. Other than that, I am liking everything about this new place. I also have some foster sibilings that live here, and I really like them too. I am pretty much an easy going guy who loves anybody and anything. If you think you need a handsome couch potato who like snacks and love, I am your guy!

7/8/18 Update:  We have had a great week with Brutus, affectionately known as Bru Bru and Brubus (per the mini human). Our favorite part of the day is coming home after work and school and seeing him greet us at the door. He has the best welcome-home dance and face. He loves to sit on the couch and chew his bone, and sleep, and really anything that lets him be close to you. He is the best love bug, and wants to cuddle. We are working on personal space. He sometimes gets a little rambunctious and will jump and gnaw on you. Nothing aggressive, just being a crazy, fun-loving guy. He would do best with older kids, as he gets a little too crazy for little kiddos. He is house trained, loves other dogs, and loves his people.

7/25/18 Update:  “Foster Mom ruined a perfectly good time with my mini human and me. I don’t understand this woman and why she is always saying, ‘Brutus and Connor: NO!'” ~ foster boy Brutus

Update from Brutus’ foster momma: Brutus has had a great week. I can not say enough good stuff about this boy. He is potty trained, loves other dogs and loves attention. He loves to go for rides, belly rubs, his breakfast and dinner time. He loves to follow you from room to room. I mean, what more could you ask for? He also apparently likes mud and water, as we found out this morning. He does have allergies, like many Bulldogs. And he also requires daily eye drops and gel. However, he is the best friend anyone could need. We have made huge strides on being a crazy guy when kiddos are around. Although he does get a little too crazy sometimes, some time-out away from the situation works wonders. All in all, he is the best!

7/31/18 Update:  “So you mean to tell me, you’re still not gonna give me a bit of that sammich? What if I look at you like this?”

This boy sure does know how to turn on the charm and make Foster Ma give him whatever he wants. He only got a bite of cheese, but he was happy! He could eat all day long if we let him. He is such a great guy. We have had so many laughs with him, and we truly hope someone out there falls in love with him as much as we have!

8/28/18 Update:  It’s me, Brutus, checking in from the mini human’s chair. I am sorry I have been MIA lately, but Foster Mom and Dad have been very busy with buying a new house and selling their house. It’s been a whirlwind! But I have been tagging along with them everywhere they go and I LOVE it. As long as I am with them, there is nothing I need to worry about. Me and the mini human keep each other entertained while they take of business. If I knew I was moving in to be a baby sitter, I would have been charging by the minute! Anywho, nothing huge to report other than I am cute, and I know it. My allergies have been keeping Foster Mom on her toes, and I am pretty itchy and my face turns red. It makes Foster Mom’s worry warts come out, but another good roll in the grass and everything is fine! She yells at me every morning, but I just keep on. She is always worrying about us, and I just tell her, “Chillax, woman. I got this!” She told me if I don’t stop, she is going to start walking me out on a leash. She really is bossy these days, I tell ya. I don’t think she knows I am the boss and I do what I want! 🤗😜