Bubbles Galore

Bubbles Galore

Bubbles hit the jackpot. This toy-loving girl will now have two adorable skin sisters to share her playtime. It was LOVE at first sight for these three girls. She’ll also get a sweet fur brother and, of course, a wonderful new mom and dad. I’m sure Bubbles Galore’s days will be filled with plenty of playtime and maybe even some trick learning! So happy for this beautiful girl.

Bubbles Galore checking in!  I know my name sounds like I belong in the entertainment industry, and I could get any job that I wanted cause I am sooooo cute, and sooooo friendly.

I heard about rescue at my doc’s office. I was a Mill Momma, and while I enjoyed my babies, I thought that I might have more to offer the world at large.

Then I got adopted by a sweet wonderful lady who unfortunately had some health problems and had to go to a nursing home.  She and her family took me to the vet’s office where they said that they thought the bright lights of Dallas were for me.  So I called me a rescue van, they came and picked me up and here I am at Dr. Larson’s office and I will wow her too!

I know I can do it, all I have to do is smile at here and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.  I am only 6 years old, and I am ready to rumble!

1/21/22 Update:   I’ve been in my foster home for a few days now. Things are going great. I’m getting along with the other Bulldogs in the house. 

I love to play with toys. Especially the noisy ones! I had the best time going through the toy box finding what I like. And I know what I like. 

I prefer to not share my toys with the other dogs. I’m not ugly about it. I just tell them in a bubbly way. 

I’m potty trained, walk great on a leash and I’m a super fun girl. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this action!

2/2/22 Update:  Bubbles has been in our home for just over two weeks now. She’s been a fantastic house guest. She’s potty trained, friendly and playful. She walks great on a leash and loves car rides. 

Her forever home will need toys. This girl is rarely seen without one. She plays with all of them. I’m seeing toys that I forgot we had! 

She would probably be best in a home without a cat. She’s still wanting to chase, but does listen and understands “no.”

2/5/22 Update:  I’ve been on a trip to Hochatown, Oklahoma. The snow hasn’t reached us yet. I’ve been out catching rain drops!

2/16/22 Update:  Bubbles has really settled into her foster home. She has the snack routine memorized. She has her favorite toys picked out (all of them) and when she’s not playing, she enjoys naps on the couch or in her bed.