Buddha has found his happily furever after!
On Saturday, Buddha had a great meet-and-greet with Ryan, Liz and Benny, the Pug. He really bonded to them and thought Benny was a pretty cool little dude.
Buddha is a very smart boy and knew something was up when I packed up all his bones. He just couldn’t contain himself when his new family got here this morning. He was so excited to see them all again and threw a fit when they went out to their car without him as they loaded his things. He was ready to go to his new home!
CONGRATULATIONS, Ryan, Liz and Benny, on your new family member!
Don’t let my size of 91 lbs. scare you. I am just a gentle giant.
It was a super sad day for my mom when she surrendered me to rescue. She had to because she was moving in with her mom and her mom has tiny dogs that bite my ankles. Yep, that breed is known as “ankle biters.”
My mom cried big tears, but there was no way I could live with those little things. And due to some life changes, my mom’s only choice was moving home for some help.
I tried to get amorous with the lady who drove the rescue wagon, but that didn’t go so well. I felt that loving feeling. But her? Not so much. She pointed her finger at me and said, “No” and I sat down and lifted my paw to shake her hand, but she was not having that. After a few minutes of listening to her about “rules,” I just lied down and thought to myself, “Wow, those are a lot of rules!
But with me being a big fella, rules are good because if I jump up, someone is going to fall down.
I walk great on a leash. I know the restroom is outside and I am great around dogs that like big dogs. My eyes are a mess, so Dr. Larsen is addressing that with some eye drops. I have some hair loss on both sides, which is called flank alopecia, and it’s just cosmetic. All and all, I am just about perfection.
Soon, I will be looking for a fabulous family who likes big Bulldogs (and I cannot lie)!
5/4/21 Update:   I took foster boy Buddha home with me for the weekend and he has done fantastic! Great dog at 87 pounds. So far, we have passed the vacuum cleaner test, 9-year-old child hugs and getting him to sit, other dog test and the car ride. He took some correction for jumping/humping. He sits and shakes on command, and does’t mind hanging out on the couch. We will be coming to the Patio Paw-ty on Sunday.
6/1/21 Update:  Hello all you Bulldog lovers!  It’s me, Buddha checking from my new Foster Home!  I managed to escape the clinic two weeks ago and have been hanging out here with my Foster Family.  My Foster Ma wanted to take some time for me to settle in and get to know me a bit before we sent my first report.  I hear her all the time telling everyone that I am such a good and sweet boy.  She calls me Buddha Blue cause as you can see….I am colored blue.  I get along with all the other furkids in the house.  I just want to love and be loved….that’s all.  I have no need for drama.  A few things that Foster Ma has learned about me:


1.  I don’t need adult supervision.  She can go to the grocery store and leave me loose, and I don’t get into any trouble.  When she goes to work I try to convince her to take me with her.  My Foster Brother (LSBCR Alumnis Herkoolees) and I sit in front of the garage door and give her the big sad eyes hoping she will take us with her.  We make it difficult for her to get out there door, but she manages to slip past us as much as we try.  We don’t hold a grudge though.  When she comes home we are at the garage door with big smiles and I wag my little nubby tail.  She greets us with kisses and we all go outside.  I am a really good boy.

2.  I like to help with making my meals.  Don’t keep me away from the process because then I won’t eat it. I just like to supervise to make sure it is done right.

3.  Like many other bulldogs, my pretty eyes just don’t make enough tears.  I heard Foster Ma say I have “dry eye”.  I guess that is why she puts these drops in my eyes twice a day….and a bit of eye lube a few times a day as well.  She always wipes and keeps my eyes clean and tells me that I have very pretty eyes.  I don’t fuss or run away or fight about it.  I just let her spoil me and put my meds in my eyes.  It makes my eyes all better so I don’t bother fussin about it.

4.  I am good about havin my bath and gettin my pedicures.  I just love to be pampered.

5.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE car rides and going for walkies.

We had a great long weekend.  We followed Foster Ma around while she worked in the yard.  We spent our Holiday laying on the sofa and binge watching movies because the weather was just nasty.  We went outside only to take care of our bizniz, then back to the sofa for more movies.  My Foster brother Herkoolees is kind of a bit jealous and always has to be next to Foster Ma.  I tried to sit on the other side of her, but my little Frenchie Buddy Ollie kept insisting that he gets to be next to Foster Ma.  Ollie is my bestie!  We play bulldog games and I chase him around the sofa.

You may notice that I am missing a little bit of my fur.  It is barely noticeable because my skin and my fur are practically the same color.  Foster Ma is trying to get it to grow back.  But don’t let that deter you from adopting me as I still have plenty of fur for petting!  So, if you are looking for a very good, sweet and gentle giant, I am your dog!  Don’t waste time getting those applications in!  I am ready to find my Happily Furever After!

6/8/21 Update:  Week #2 with Buddha and I can’t complain about anything except more slobber to wipe and more dog hair to sweep.

Buddha is an absolute joy to foster. He is so sweet and agreeable with an occasional bout of “Bulldog Stubborn” tossed in when he doesn’t want to go to his crate.
Another thing I have learned about Buddha is he is definitely a gentle giant when it comes to treats. He doesn’t remove my hand by snatching treats, but instead, very gently reaches out in delight for his snacks!
He loves his foster bro Herkooles and I often find them trying to both squeeze in on the same bed.
He is house trained, knows his basic commands and is crate trained, although he is so good, he doesn’t need to be kept in a crate.
Buddha gets along with all dogs. My old cranky Bulldog has snapped at him a couple of times and Buddha just turns his head and walks away. He has no desire to engage in any drama.
If you are looking to add another dog to your already existing family pack, Buddha would be a great addition. Don’t worry about having to buy a bed big enough for him… he has brought his own!

6/18/21 Update: HOWDY EVERYBULLIE!  It’s me, Buddha!  I am checking in from poolside here at the mini-ranch.  Looks like we are already in the dog days of summer.  Me and my Foster Family gonna are stayin cool by the pool this weekend!  I LOVE playin in our pup pool. Do you have a pup pool that we can hang out in?  If so, send in your adoption application for me, Buddha!

What are y’all doin to beat the heat this weekend?  Keep it cool!  Buddha

6/30/21 Update:  I am so excited that Foster Ma has a FOUR-day weekend… Lots of pool time and snacks coming my way!

But wait… there’s more.  The news gets even better than that! Foster Ma says that I have something called a meet-and-greet on Saturday. Sounds fun to me. I love meeting new peoples and dogs! WOOT WOOT!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! I hope every Bulldog out there has a SAFE and HAPPY July 4th!
Now, I have to get back to my Bulldog Boys Club meeting and bone chewin’!