Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Am I the luckiest boy or what? Buddy Holly here… some of you may also know me as “Slash!” I have been chosen to be a great addition to a “fab-u-lous” family. You can’t see it, but just imagine if you will, my tail rattling! It has been compared to the shape of a rattler’s tail and shakes like one when I am super happy and that is exactly what I am.

I now have a dad, Jeff, mom, Holly, and my skin sister Issy. Don’t tell my fur siblings, but I think I may end up being her fav! Speaking of fur siblings, there is also Hok, Daisy and Dozer in the family group pic. Oh, and I have two birdie buddies, Zam and Otis.

On my first evening in my new home, my other two grown skin siblings and my grand-puh came to see ME and give me lots of love! What a way to make a boy feel welcomed! Foster Pops, Mums, Paris and Kingston… I will see you soon at Bull-O-Ween! You won’t be able to miss me. I’ll be the one dressed as a … nope, not going to tell you. You just have to come and see!

Buddy writes: The only thing I heard our previous family say was, “Please find these two Bulldogs a fabulous family.” And, just like that, they were gone. We then got loaded up in an SUV to leave the past in the past …. and to find a great family that loves Bulldogs.

My name is Buddy Holly ~ I am the white one. I have some skin problems and a big hot spot that hurts like…. well, let’s just say it hurts.

And my friend, the brindle one, is Tia Maria. When someone tries to touch her, she rolls over and kicks her legs in the air fast as she can. Tia loves anyone who will pay attention to her. Me on the other hand? I am much more reserved.

We both need some serious medical attention and after that’s all done, we’ll be excited to start a new chapter in our lives. We had a spa day. Well, in fact, we’ve had a few medicated baths this week and each one feels better than the last.

We don’t really know our age. We are not young and we are not old, so we think we are right in the middle. We’re at Dr. Larsen’s now and she has a list of things she is going to do for us. Some sound a little harsh, but if she fixes us up, we’ll be ready for a fabulous family that will love us forever. We are all in to letting her work her magic and making us the beautiful Bulldogs we were born to be.