Buddy hit the jackpot this afternoon. He was adopted by a family looking for a dog who was a little laid back and would get along well with their other Bulldog. Buddy seems to be a perfect fit. I’m going to miss that big guy, because he was impossible to miss when he was around. But I know he will have a blast in his new life.

Welcome Buddy–one of the Fortunate Five to enter Rescue. Buddy loves everyone regardless of what you do to him. He will be by your side constantly wanting to be petted. He’s doggy door trained he will mark his territory as well. Nothing seems to bother him. He will back down and let everyone eat before him. As big as he, it is hard to believe he is so gentle.

Buddy is Heartworm positive, has fleas, ear mites and an ear infection. He also needs to be neutered.

11/1/16 Update: Buddy is now home with his foster where he will recover for 30 days following heartworm treatment. He is just the sweetest big boy. If he thinks you are not giving him enough attention he will sit at your feet and gently lift his paw and tap your shin. When you try to put him in your vehicle he likes to plop down and play dead. That makes it so much easier to pick up 90 pounds of Bulldog. He loves to be where his people are. He would much rather be plopped down in the living room with the family than to be in a crate in a quiet extra bedroom. But such is the nature of crate rest for heartwork treatment. He will be fit soon, and then we can work a little more on lowering his weight. I’m sure he will like that!

11/13/16 Update:  Big Buddy is doing so much better. He is half way through his rest period for his heartworm treatment, and he is beginning to have more energy. You can tell he is feeling so much better. He had a bad cough several days ago so we put him on some additional meds and they seem to have done the trick. He is just a special giant of a guy, yet he is so gentle and gets along with everyone and all his foster brothers and sister. He still loves to play dead when you need him to move his big body out of the way. I think it is just his way of getting another bribe treat from daddy. He loves to sit at your feet and softly tap your leg if you are not paying him enough attention. But his biggest accomplishment this week is in his house training. In week one, he never went outside to do his business. This past week he has only had one accident in the house. YAY!!  His eyes have totally healed from his surgery and he will be ready to go to his forever home December 1. You will be the lucky one if you choose this gentle giant to share your home.

11/27/16 Update:  Buddy is officially off his crate rest period and he is ready to rumble (Well in his case, walk four houses up the street). This gentle giant of a Bulldog is such a sweet boy, and nothing seems to bother him. His foster brother puppy jumps all over him an nips at him. Yet he remains unfazed. He has finally figured out why he gets to go outside several times day and what he is supposed to take care of while out there. He only had one pee accident in the house this week. If he had his wish, he would stay outside all day during this mild weather. Now that he is feeling better, he is getting a little more mischievous. We have never had a Bulldog so large and able to reach and pull things off the counter or tabletop. So his adopter will need to watch this and make a few adjustments. But this boy is so worth dealing with some old habits and doing some retraining to help him fit into your family.