Bunny Flower

Bunny Flower

Bunny Flower continues to blossom, and from now on, she will be doing it with her forever family.

Previous adopters, Bill and Patti, were so excited to add her to their family. They recently lost their Zeke (formerly Jack Frost) and knew they needed another Bulldog in the house.

Bunny also gained a new fur sister, so they can play together. She is settling in quickly, but Bill and Patti know they took on a little bit of a project with Bunny Flower. They are looking forward to bringing Bunny Flower to full bloom!

Hello everyone, Bunny Flower here!  And Bunny has also been everywhere!  That’s right,  I have been wandering around looking for my family.  On Sunday I stopped to rest under a huge shrub in a lady’s yard after running like the wind thru her neighborhood.  Actually, the lady thought I was a deer I was running so hard and so fast. She tried to catch me but I was so afraid. The only thing I really wanted was some water.  The neighborhood was beautiful so I decided I would just stay there if someone would just feed me and give me a drink. The lady knew all her neighbors and she knew that I did not live with any of them.  And really the way I smelled she kinda thought someone didn’t want me anymore and thought I would be better off dropped off.  So, with this being said this kind lady knew I needed help, so here I am.  Catching me, well that just about took Bill and his racehorse because I am VERY scared of most everything. But, with a lot of time and patience and me getting the feeling he was only trying to help I stopped running like the wind and he caught me.  And then he gave me a bath. More than one! He wanted me to smell like roses. A bath felt fabulous and smelling good was wonderful! So, that’s all about me except I am now sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap at the clinic and she’s telling me that everything is going to alright. Alright is alright with me, Bunny Flower, learning to love people, that’s me.

4/28/20 Update:  Bunny Flower is very aptly named in our time of social distancing. We know nothing of her past, but I know she is the most shy and fearful foster I have ever had. She likes her six feet from people and dogs. She will walk up right behind me, but the moment I make eye contact she cowers and backs off. 

She is like a scared rabbit in the yard, which makes it hard to catch her to bring her back inside. But she has only been with me for a day, and I have already seen small signs of improvement. All you need to do is look into those amazing mesmerizing eyes and your know someone special is inside. 

We can’t wait to take you along on our journey of discovery and empowerment.

5/8/20 Update:  With Bunny Flower, sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. She can be so sweet and funny. Yet we switch between tears of joy and sorrow—of victory and surrender for her.

The first few days, it would take me 15 minutes or more to be able to walk slowly up to her in the yard to get her to come back inside. Today, I can do it in a minute or two. She still sometimes seeks the security of hiding under the trailer. In the house, she still prefers to be in another room, away from us. But she constantly peeks around the doorway at us, only to quickly jump back if she sees us looking at her. It is her version of peek-a-boo.

A few days ago, I was trying to approach her to take her outside. Normally, she just keeps walking slowly away from me, until she realizes I am not going to give in and she surrenders. The other day she actually took three steps toward me and let me take her leash. It took all the control I had to keep from screaming for joy.

She does fine with my dogs, but she really doesn’t engage with them. I do catch her laying on the porch with them more and more. Only once has she chosen to go out the door when they go out together. Another one of those moments of joyful tears. She almost came back inside with them this morning, but stopped just short of the door and backed away. She wanted to so badly, but just couldn’t quite do it. That describes a lot of what she does and how she acts.

If you can calmly catch her in the house and pick her up, she will sit by you on the couch for hours. She will let you rub all over her. But she will not return the affection.

I have seen so much growth in her this past week. She looks so terrified sometimes, but there is not a mean bone in her body. Every day, the petals on this flower open just a little bit more. She is definitely worth the effort and patience.

6/11/20 Update:  Bunny Flower continues to blossom in her foster home. She is connecting more with the other dogs in the house, and has already made friends with a Frenchie who is visiting our house for a few days. She is engaging with the others more and even being quite playful with the younger ones.

She’s also interacting more with the humans in the house! She will come into the room with us and stay a while – just don’t look at her or pick up the camera. She will be gone in a flash! She will come up to you, both inside and outside, if you are sitting in a chair. She will quietly stand beside you and let you pet her for a few minutes – just don’t look at her or talk to her. Sounds a little silly, but hey, it is progress and we will take iir!

With Bunny, it is all about baby steps: slow and steady. Her bloom opens up just a little more each week. She has always been and will always be precious to us.