Buster Brown

Buster Brown

Buster Brown has been adopted! From his foster momma: 🎉Buster Brown’s New Year wish has come true! He packed his bag, grabbed his adoption day present, gave Foster Pops and Ma a big ‘ole snort (aka wet kiss) and headed straight for the door. He has been blessed with the most precious furever family! When Coby, Katie and their girls walked in to meet Buster Brown, it was truly love at first sight! With no hesitation everyone sat on the floor and Buster Brown went from person to person giving kisses. He couldn’t even keep his balance his booty was shaking so much! We will miss you, Buster Brown 🐶 and don’t worry, you will get plenty of those belly rubs you deserve so much!

Happily FURever after, ya big ‘ole hunk!

Seriously, can a bulldog be any cuter?  Meet 4 year old Buster Brown!  Weighting in at 77 lbs. of pure muscle, Buster is perfection head to tail. Buster loves everyone and everything he meets.  Buster has a infection in his deep face wrinkles, but other than some minor face cleaning daily, he is 100% perfection. Buster is looking for a family that appreciates his extra fluff that he is packing to keep warm during the cold winter. Also he prefers a family who does not want to immediately put him on that “green bean diet!” Buster loves to eat and treats are a must, and a fire place with a fat, fluffy bed would be the bomb. So, if you can meet Buster’s demands, send in a application. He would love to meet you!

1/1/18 Update:  Buster Brown checkin’ in on the first day of 2018 from my foster crib.I don’t have any words to explain how awesome 2017 ended and 2018 began for me!! I’ve heard Foster Ma and Foster Pops talk about how proud they are of me! Foster Ma told him how well behaved I am and how much she loves my cuddles. She giggles when I wiggle my booty for her, so I do it all the time. Foster Pops said my bath time went very smooth and I scare my foster fur brother Beau with my snoring. 💤

Every night, Foster Pops scratches my back while Foster Ma cleans my wrinkles.I don’t mind at all, because there is always a yummy treat waiting for me. 🍖My foster fur brother Blëu enjoys our play time and he never wants it to end. 🐾 The ONLY thing that could make me happier is if I could find my FURever home soon. 🐶 If you want to cuddle, scratch my booty and giggle at all of my cuteness, I may be the man for you.

1/15/18 Update:  Buster Brown checking in from my foster crib! ✌🏽 Beause it’s going to be so cold over the next couple of days, go ahead and grab yourself a heating blanket, cup of hot coco, your laptop and charger (don’t forget your charger!) and complete an adoption application at www.dfwbulldogrescue.org to adopt one of our dogs. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be here waitin’ annnnnd playin’, relaxin’, eatin’, shakin’ my booty, eatin’, snorin’, playin’ … Did I mention snorin’? I hope everyone stays safe and warm!