Cali Girl

Cali Girl

I have the BEST news! I was quite surprised when Foster Mom and Dad packed me up last week to go meet some people, but it all made sense today when those same people rang my doorbell! That’s right… yours truly has found a furever family!

It was tough when I was surrendered, but today is the first day of the rest of my life! 

My new mom, Debra, was so happy to see me when she came in…. She got right down on the floor to play with me. And my dad, Bo, started telling me about my new house right away! They said that a ton of Bulldogs live on my new street and even a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna lives there too! I can’t wait to meet everybody and play all day, every day!

While today is filled with joy, I caught a glimpse of Foster Mom and Dad through the window, as I was walking to my new ride. I quickly realized that joy can’t exist without pain. I know they are both very excited for me, but I also know it’s hard for them to see me go. Foster Dad always tells me that the hardest part of fostering is the end, but that the end for one of us is the beginning for the next. So, for my former foster mom and dad: hug a Bulldog today and remember, “No Bulldog Left Behind!”

Howdy, all you beautiful Bulldog peeps. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Cali Girl and man, have I got a story for you! 

As my name implies, I’m originally from California, but like a lot of Californians these days, I decided to pick up and move east. I spent some time with a family in Oklahoma and then found my way to Texas. I must say, I like it here. Wide open spaces and clean air to breathe… it’s wonderful!  

I had a super loving family here, but ya know, sometimes things just don’t work out, no matter how much you try. My mom and dad love me bunches, so I don’t have any sad stories to tell. We all realized that, because my family traveled so much, I would be happier and better off with another family. I am really thankful they loved me enough to let me go because now I can meet new friends! 

I’m about 5 years old or so and have had bunches of little Bulldog puppers, but I need to see someone named Dr. Larsen to ensure I don’t have any more. I loved all my babies, but there comes a time in every girl’s life when you put that behind you and just focus on living your best life. 

Foster Dad says I’m in great shape and am a small ball of lightning! He laughs all the time when I get excited because my little tail moves faster than anything he has seen. I’m a svelte little girl at only about 35 pounds, but I’m solid muscle! 

I’m going to see Dr. Larsen soon and then I’ll be ready to meet all you cool folks. Get your applications in soon or you may not be matched to me! 

My foster buddy told me something really cool and I wanted to pass it on, hug a Bulldog and remember, “No Bulldog Left Behind!”

12/21/21 Update:  Foster boy Fletcher Wayne has welcomed Cali Girl and he’s even teaching her a few tricks. I believe I heard him tell her, “Look extra cute and you’ll get treats.” And, “When no one is looking, climb into the big bed, pretend to be asleep and they won’t kick you off!”

1/13/22 Update:  I’m reporting to you LIVE from my foster home, but guess what? Not for much longer! At least I hope so….  I have a meet-and-greet Wednesday and here’s to hoping it goes well! Wait, how could it not? 

Anyways, it’s a new year and a new me! Let me share my New Year’s  resolutions with you: 

1. Spend more time in the warm sunshine. 

2. Spend more time giving Bulldog hugs and kisses. 

3. Make a family complete!

4. Look cuter while I nap……on second thought: NOT POSSIBLE!

Your resolution? Hug a Bulldog and remember, “No Bulldog Left Behind!”