Caliber Cole

Caliber Cole

Today was a dream come true for me. I was adopted, and the most amazing family now loves me. I have two new sisters. The one in the picture, holding me, is Olivia. My other sister, Veronica, was out of town today and missed our family pictures. My Bulldog sister is Rose and if you look really close, you can see Spunky, the Shih Tzu. My new dad is Jerry and my new mom is Maria.

I now live in the country and the back of the property is wooded, with lots of places for me to explore. The only thing separating me and the horses is a fence and when the weather gets cooler, I am going to go meet them. I did bark at them, to let them know I was moving in, but they seemed unimpressed and continued eating breakfast. My new home has an art studio and I am going to learn to paint with my sisters. There’s also a tree house that has room for slumber parties with my sisters and me.

For a long time, I wondered if anyone would ever want to adopt me. Many times, I would run to the front door only to be told, “Not this time, Caliber. Your family has not been found. It’s not your time to go.” After a while, I just quit running to the door. But Saturday was different. I got to go.

I was so excited. I was nervous. I could not sit still. I looked around and everything was different. If this was what going on a home visit was about, I was all in. I wanted them to love me and I wanted to stay. And the rest is history. My dream came true and it was so worth the wait.

If you’re looking into my eyes and you’re saying to yourself, “Wow, this Bulldog looks familiar,” you are wrong! I’ve never been here before; however, my sister Axle Rose was here a few months back. Yep, that’s right. Axle Rose and I are brother and sister. Same mom, same dad.

You may recall my sister was very sick with a prolapsed private part and it took a long time to heal, but when she did, she found the most amazing family.

That’s why I am here. I am looking for the most amazing family, too.

The entire time Axle was gone, I was thinking, “Should I stay or should I go?” And one day, I woke up and I felt like I should be going on vacations, eating ice cream and laying on someone’s sofa.

So I packed a few things, headed out the door and said, “See ya! It’s been great, but I am outta here!”

I am now at Dr. Larsen’s. I have been sitting in her lap, and she has been brushing my fur and feeding me treats. I am going to love this thing called rescue. I can hardly wait until I find my family, learn to walk on a leash and lay on the sofa! That’s really all there is to know about me, Caliber Cole. I love everyone with fur and feathers. as well as kids who will feed me treats!