I wanted to be the first to tell you that I now have a furever family!  

My foster dad met these really nice people at the last Bulldog Bonanza and he showed them a picture of me (he was always doing that). And what did you know ~ the nice people had a picture of another dog who looked just like me!  How cool is that? He was just a little bit less handsome than me, but he’s pretty cool. 

Now, here comes the most amazing part… They were looking for another Bulldog to play with their Francis! I fit that bill just fine. During the meet-and-greet, I learned they have another older lady bulldog who lives with them and is the queen! She’s really nice too. They all had a vote and I was in!  

I went home and packed up my stuff, kissed everyone goodbye, shed a tear or two and then I was off to my new home. 

See if you can tell Francis and I apart. I think we are twins from different mothers! P.S. I am on the right side! Good luck to the other Bulldogs in foster care and remember, when you foster you can make a huge difference in the lives of many people and Bulldogs!


Last week, I was on the move and got picked up by animal control. Let me tell you… it was the BEST day of my life! 

As you can see by my photos, I’ve been hungry for a while. Can’t really remember ever feeling full. And this skin? What a mess. My fur is falling out and, in some spots, there’s no fur at all. 

The driver of the rescue wagon said I didn’t smell like roses! I may have a slight odor, but nothing a medicated bath won’t fix. Worst of all is that I have heartworms.

My friends at the shelter said I was a “young one.” I believe that’s true. My teeth look good, I have a lot of energy and I love for people to play with me. My shelter friends said that I was around 1 year old. They also did a little snip-snip to help me with that loving feeling and they gave me a lot of shots. They said it was to keep me from getting sick. All I know is there was a lot of probing and maybe even a little bit of violating! 

Well, that is all about me for now. I will be having heartworm treatment in the future, followed by 30 days of rest, then I will be moving on to my forever home. I can hardly wait for that!

4/26/22 Update:  I’m checking in from my foster pad.  Yeah, I have my own foster pad now.  I do have to share it with my fur sisters and my big person sis, but they are there to serve me!  

I was on the streets and things were looking pretty bad for me, until I was picked up by rescue. Then I hit the foster home jackpot. I have this really, really nice place to hang out, get love and eat. 

Boy, do I like to eat! I was on the streets for quite a bit and did not get to do that so much. Now, I’m making up for that by eating, eating, eating. I am only 1 year old, ya know…. So I’m a growing boy! 

I’m off – I need to go get another bite to eat.   See ya later!

June 1, 2022 Update:  Boy, am I disappointed! I thought I was all ready for my new forever home, but I found out that I need to see Dr. Larsen about some pesky heartworms. I mean, I love her bunches, but I thought I was ready to choose one of those great families who wants to live with me forever! 

Oh, well. At least I get to see Dr. Larsen and the crew. I’ll get plenty of hugs and kisses, and they’ll tell me how great I look. I guess that is OK. 

I’ve found a new hobby: watching TV. I really, really like Star Wars and R2D2. Have you met him yet? He make the best noises and talks to me though the TV. You should hear all he has to say!

Anyhow, I hope the clinic has a TV that I can watch while I am there. Hope to see you soon. May the force be with you.

7/4/22 Update:  Happy Fourth to Everyone!  It is a holiday and I am celebrating my Freedom also!  I am over heartworm restriction!  That is a great reason to celebrate.  I have enjoyed the rest, but now I am so serious about finding my furrrrever family!  I have asked for the applications (I know there are lots of you wanting a wonderful young man like me to be in your home and heart) and I am ready to start reading them all.  I am so ready to get on with finding my forever home and family.  I am looking forward to meeting you all soon!