After 6+ years of fostering and several foster failures for me, it was bound to happen sooner or later…….BRIAN HAS OFFICIALLY FOSTER FAILED AND ADOPTED CALLIE!!!!

Here’s how it all happened…….

It was a gorgeous Saturday and we had just busted Jessie out of Denton County Animal Services and were transporting her to Dr. Larsen in Sulpher Springs when lo and behold Dianne texted (imagine that!) and asked if we could take Callie home with us as she was getting really depressed being cooped up at the clinic.  I of course said yes and Brian was not very happy with me…….we have 5 dogs of our own and 1 cat plus Miss Trudy and he felt there was no room at the inn for another dog.  Well, too bad for him…..we took her anyway!   Callie was unsure and apprehensive getting in our car, but promptly jumped in my lap, curled up and slept all the way home – I thought she wanted to be with me, but little did I know that I was in “her” seat!  Once home, it was apparent that she was wary of me, but she was Brian’s little shadow.  I was totally not prepared for that, but it was magical to watch her blossom around him.  She responded to his whistles and snaps and showed him she could sit, shake and lay down.  She was filled with joy whenever he was home, her little eyes began to glow and she gained confidence each day.  She was “his” dog and I could sense a failure in the works!  The final piece fell into place when we took Callie and Trudy to PetsMart for their Saturday outing.  Callie immediately bounded into the front seat and let me know that was “her” seat (an “ah ha” moment for sure!).  So yes, I got in the backseat with Trudy.  Let me tell you that Callie can ride shotgun with the best!  She knows how to move with the car and was happy as could be next to Brian.  LOL!  When we proceeded to buy her a new collar, leash and harness and then added a nametag, I knew it was all over.  I texted Dianne and the celebration began!  Brian had finally found the right dog to fill the void that our precious Boudreaux left when we lost him to cancer two years ago.  It was our love for Boudreaux that inspired us to join rescue and now rescue has brought Brian a new companion to love, spoil and play with.  It makes me so happy to watch them together!  PS – she loves me now too!  J  Congratulations baby!  Much happiness to you and our sweet Callie!

Welcome Ms. Callie to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Some might call me a junkyard dog. But you can call me Callie. They think I have been living in a mechanic’s garage or maybe a wrecking yard. I am covered with ground-in, old motor oil! My beautiful brindle and white fur is a dingy gray and it smells.

But that is all in the past. I was picked up from the shelter yesterday and taken to these nice people who gave me my first bath since who knows! They say it may take a few more to get me really clean. But I already feel so much better. I am 5 years old and have had a few puppies before. My eyes make me look much older than I am. They are very dry and glazed over. But I was told they could be fixed like new. I also have two mammary tumors that need to be removed. They are going to make a new woman out of me before this is all over! As soon as they are through here fixing me all up, I will be ready to meet a nice family who will take me home and let me live with them forever. And they won’t make me sleep under an old car in a pool of oil!

3/5/18 Update:  We picked up Callie on Saturday, so we have only had her for a day, but I wanted to share a few things with you………first of all, what this sweet girl has been through I cannot imagine; living in a junk yard, foraging for food and water, freezing, covered in oil, dirt, fleas and filth, feeling lost, abandoned and forlorn.  It just breaks my heart over and over to think about it.  Second of all, she survived, she is recovering, she knows love and safety and the readiness of food and water.  Our rescue and our wonderful Dr. Larsen made all of that possible.  Thank you to Dianne, Ronnie, Dr. Larsen and her staff for giving the girl a new start.  Callie had 9 mammary tumors removed, ear infections healed, parasites removed, countless baths to remove the oil and soot and soothing drops applied to her eyes to help her see again.  She once again knew the touch of loving hands and kind voices.  Thank you so much to all of you who give so much!   This sweet girl is a living testament to our organization and our goal of “no bulldog left behind”.   Simply put, YAY US!!!

Callie will be a journey of everyday discovery.  We know these things about her now – She does not like to be confined to one single room.  She likes to roam.  She likes to observe and listen.  She can see well enough to not run into anything at all.  She is housebroken and will go to a door and scratch to be let out.  She loves to go for a walk and can move pretty darn fast.  She was once someone’s dog who cared enough about her to teach her tricks and manners – she follows Brian like a shadow.  She responds to his snaps and can both “sit” and “shake”.  She likes to be out with the other dogs.  She is not food aggressive and calmly eats her own food and quits when she is done even if there is still more in the bowl.  She needs to have her bowls elevated when eating and drinking and Brian is working on making her her own custom bowl stand.  She will growl and snap if you corner her or try to pick her up, but who can blame her.  This will pass I am sure.  She is beautiful and smart and we will do our best to be sure she knows that every day.  She is also loved and safe and I hope she can feel that already.  I lost my heart to this angel when she crawled into my lap, curled up and went to sleep on the way home from Dr. Larsen’s.  We didn’t even want to talk for fear of disturbing her.  She was so precious and had been through so much, but yet she was also still trusting enough to let us give her comfort and rest.  Amazing.  I can’t wait for the day I see her eyes shining with happiness and joy again.  That will be our BEST DAY EVER!