Camille (Cammy) has been adopted!  Her perfect furever family came by this morning and scooped her up. Her questionable and hurtful past will soon be nothing but as distant memory that she will never experience again. She now has a wonderful mom and dad and skin brother and sister to play with.  Cammy doesn’t always like to share the spot light with other fur-siblings so now she will be the only fur child and will be spoiled beyond her wildest dreams. She will furever be treated like the precious baby she is.  Cammy’s family reported in that she has arrived home, taken a tour of the place and discovered her new bed and bones.  They said she is settling in nicely!  Happy tails sweet girl, today is the just beginning of happily ever after.

Camille was picked up from a local shelter yesterday. She’s about 2-3 years old and has not had an easy life.

She has some deep, infected wounds around her neck that may have come from an embedded collar. She is very sensitive when you touch her. She even cried when they gave her vaccinations, so the shelter decided against doing the heartworm test. 🙁 It’s seems as if she may have been mistreated in her young life and is very thin. But like all these dogs, she craves a kind, loving touch. She loved it when we took her outside for her picture-taking debut. She trotted to the car in anticipation of her freedom ride. She was taken to our vet so we could get her care started immediately. Stay tuned to watch her road to recovery.

7/20/16 Update:  Hi everyone this is Cammy checking in. I’m starting to settle into my foster home and really showing off my personality. I am a very sweet girl that loves all people, big and little. Foster mom and my skin siblings think that I have the cutest little nubby tail wag that they have ever seen. You can definitely tell when I excited! My favorite things to do are playing, getting loved on and eating! Foster mom says that I still need to gain some more weight, but I have gained over 10 lbs since I came to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. All I know about this weight-gaining business is that it means I get to eat lots and lots of good food, which is something I didn’t have before. When I came to rescue, I didn’t feel very well and had some really bad sores on my neck, but now I’m feeling much better and my hair in growing back. This makes foster mom happy.

In case you don’t know, I am also a very smart girl. I know where I should do all of my business and I also know how to sit and give a high five. I love to be with people, walk great on a leash and enjoy sleeping in my crate on a nice soft bed. I’m getting used to being treated like the princess that I am. I didn’t really enjoy my visit to the vet last week, but it’s because I am still a little sensitive and sometimes nervous with new people. Foster mom thinks that the people in my past were not nice to me, but now I know there are good people out there who will never hurt me. Isn’t it amazing how we Bully doggies can be so forgiving and trusting? For some reason, it amazes my foster mom. She tells me when I get scared that I will never be hurt again and I think I’m starting to believe her. I heard the vet people say to foster mom that I was healing well and that I was just a young girl around 2 or 3. Foster mom thinks I may be closer to 2 because I still act and play like a puppy. I also have these foster fur-siblings and I’m starting to get used to them. There’s this one who is also a rescue like me named Roscoe and I think I like him. He just lays around and let’s me do my thing so we get along great! Some of the others get a bit rowdy and it overwhelms me a little so sometimes I react. Foster mom or pops get on to me and I quickly stop. I don’t like being in trouble. I’m getting much better with them and even considering letting them play with me or maybe playing with them, but for now I just kind of play alongside them with my own toys. Ooohhh toys, yeah I really like toys. Especially the squeaky ones! Well, that’s all for now, gotta go play with my toys!

7/31/16 Update:  Camille (or “Cammy”) has had a great week and she has even gained a a few more much needed pounds. Unfortunately, she does not chow down like a typical Bully so weight gain for her is slow, yet steady. The good news is that she is gaining and her hair is almost completely grown back in on her neck! She has the cutest personality and is really starting to show it to us and trust us. She loves to play and wants pets and scratches from everyone she meets. She is also tolerating the other more active dogs much better and starting to run along side them when playing. She still gets nervous when it comes to grooming or examining her. We have to go very slowly with her and constantly reassure her that we will not hurt her. Loud noises also alarm, her but she is running off and hiding less and less and is starting to run to one of us instead. This sweet girl will never be hurt again, but she doesn’t quite know that yet. Soon, she’ll realize that she is loved and doesn’t need to be scared anymore.