Candy Cane

Candy Cane

If ever a foster failure, Candy Cane would have been ours, that’s until Candy’s meet and greet with Tom and Margaret. Perfect in every way!  Candy’s growth while with us changed us, my entire house, including the resident bulldog.  Candy will always hold a special place in our hearts. She has been adopted by an amazing family that will give her all the love she deserves for the rest of her days. A perfect match for Candy. 

I want everyone to know that there is no longer the Festive Five from the puppy mill… now there’s Santa’s Six! That’s right… I also came from the puppy mill. When I woke up and learned my friends had left for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and I was left behind, I was one mad Candy Cane. Maybe I was so small, no one saw me, but whatever… I am here now! I heard there was a Christmas photo shoot at Dr. Larsen’s with the Festive Five and I thought I had to be included. My life in the mill was pretty sad and Christmas was not celebrated, so I was really nervous when I started getting dressed up, but after about 5 minutes, I was all about the clothes and the new bed… and my newly found freedom.

1/20/20 Update:  We know Candy Cane LOVES kids. For her latest pictures she says, “Hey, tiny human… let me borrow you to rest my head upon.” – “You can bet when you’re not feeling well, I’ll be by your side.” ~ foster girl Candy Cane

2/20/20 Update:  One thing for sure, Candy Cane isn’t shy to let you know when it’s time for dinner. She loves to just carry around her food bowl and use it as a toy when it is empty.

3/17/20 Update:  To you, this might be a pic of a couple of cute Bulldogs (I’m on the right) lounging on a pool float, even though Foster mom won’t allow us in the pool. But to me, this is a pic of PROGRESS. Let me explain…

You see, I’ve been in my foster home about eight weeks and before that, I lived my life as a puppy mill momma. It took me some time to adjust. I didn’t know what love and freedom looked like. So for a few weeks, I liked to be in my crate, barely came out and I did NOT want to be around other dogs.

Then, I slowly got used to it, came out of my crate more and I would even want to check out the other dogs. Foster Mom was so happy. I started enjoying this thing called love and affection and now can’t get enough of it. The only difference is I give it right back. I get happy when I see you, I love to cuddle with you and I like to be your shadow.

Oh yeah, that thing about being your shadow… you see, you are showing me so much in this world that I missed. As you can see, I’m sitting pretty close to my buddy the resident Bulldog. I’m all about following her around to experience this big whole thing known as the world outside of a puppy mill. She’s teaching me the ropes on how to play with toys and how to jump up on the couch and how to sit for treats and I’m loving it. I still am a little cautious when I have a toy or I’m eating when she gets too close to me. I know you don’t know what my past puppy mill life was with other dogs, but I’ve come such a long way in such a little time. Watch out world… here I come!

4/5/20 Update:   Candy Candy continues to thrive in her foster home. She is potty trained and loves when you call her name. She continues to explore this thing called freedom and is starting to get used to car rides – she’s a great passenger. She is learning to play with toys. Well, play is a loose term… she likes to carry them to her spot and become the toy hoarder. One thing she has learned: she loves treats and dental chews.

4/20/20 Update: What is “special?” Better, greater or otherwise different from what is usual. That sums up Candy Cane. Let me explain. Candy isn’t special because she lived her life in a puppy mill. She isn’t special because she’s experiencing freedom for the first time in her life. She isn’t special because she’s a small 40-pound “pocket full of joy.” She isn’t special because the only toy she prefers to play with is a bowl. She isn’t special because she prances around with her head held high and does a little dance when you call her name. Candy Cane is special because she was born that way.

She was born with a defect of the valve on the left side of her heart. What does that mean? Well, Candy takes a pill twice a day and boy, does she have me fooled with her love for the cheese-flavored pill pockets. This little girl hears the bag, comes trotting along and sits before I can even tell her.

Candy lays, she plays, and she prances the days away … just like any other Bulldog. She loves, she cuddles, she wants to be a part of a family…. just like any other Bulldog.

So how ’bout it? Who is up for a relationship between you and Candy that can be life-changing, even life-saving … for both? Who will let Candy change their life? Who will accept her for being special and in return be embraced with unconditional love?