Carley Rose

Carley Rose

Carley Rose checked out of Mays Manor and into her furever home! Carley met a family yesterday and it was love at first sight! Her new brother, Wingnut, made her feel right at home and instantly wanted to play. 

Carley gained a mom, dad, two skin siblings, and two fur siblings. Carley will be known as Calypso and soon she will know what it’s like to have a loving family, be spoiled and live like a princess.

Hello everyone, it’s me Carley Rose and I chose this weekend to join rescue! It is Mother’s Day weekend and since I have been a mother myself, I figured that I would celebrate with the rest of the Mothers! 

I am 3 years old, cute as they come and love everyone I have met!  Motherhood was fun. I loved my babies, but after a while I decided that these babies sure take a lot of time and a lot of energy. So I decided to retire and let someone else do the mothering.  

I love to ride in the car, take trips, and play with the other dogs! My perfect family will love a beautiful bulldog, take me everywhere they go, and let me be a part of their amazing family. 

I will be sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap this week and telling her all about me and I already know she is going to love me to pieces!  Love Carley Rose.

6/3/22 Update:  Carley Rose has only been in her foster home a few days and I can tell she is a very special girl! 

She is super submissive, gentle and friendly to all her fur mates. She loves humans and prefers to be next to you, following you, sleeping at your feet or next to you. If humans are home, that is where she wants to be! 

She is pretty quiet as long as she is happy. If she is not happy, she will sure let you know! Crates are not her favorite, but she will tolerate them while she eats. 

So far, she knows where to take care of her business and in less than an hour in her foster home, she mastered the dog door on her own or by watching the others! 

She sleeps all night on a bed next to her foster mom’s bed. 

She is very timid and sudden movements or noises send her running for cover, so she will be working on building her confidence as she looks through the approved applications.