Casey Renea

Casey Renea

Today was my adoption day and I am so in love with my new family! So my new mom and dad came to meet me last week, along with my new fur sister Tulip. We had a great time getting to know each other and I tried my hardest to leave with them. Foster Mom and Dad explained to me that I just need to be patient because they have to go home and get everything ready for me. I was a good, patient girl and finally the day came today that I actually got to go home with my dream family. Also, the best part is my new fur sister came from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue just a few months ago. Her name used to be Tyler, but she now goes by Tulip. I think we are going to be the best of friends.

No sad stories for me. I am 11 months old and I am simply irresistible.

My family had some health problems and decided my sister and I needed a family with a lot more time to dedicate to two energetic girls who love to run and play all day.

My sister is Macey Rey and she is 6 months old. We had the same dad, but different moms, so that makes us a blended family.

I’m starting to learn how to walk on a leash (WALK, not run) and I am trying to learn how to avoid leaping through the air when someone calls my name. I consider myself very smart and I am learning fast.

I have been sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap for a few days and telling her about the kind of family I need. No. 1? I need a patient family. Even though I am 11 months old, I don’t know a lot of rules. For instance, what’s appropriate to do outside is not necessarily appropriate to do inside. Who would have known not everyone wants big sticks brought in the back door for chewing on later? And leather… do you love the feel of leather? Well, me too.

So with all that said, please understand that I am a puppy and I do puppy things. If you’re not about helping me learn to be all that I can be, then I’m not going to be the match for you. Remember ~ puppies are cute, but they require a lot of time. Thankfully, I know I’m worth it!

9/2/19 Update:  Casey Renea is the name and being a crazy puppy is my game!After spending a little time  at the vet, I have broken out and broken into my foster home.  Well so far my foster parents have found out I love to play, I love toys, I love other dogs, I love people—and I especially love food!

I’m not a huge fan of being in a crate and I will tell you by howling. I do settle down after a while though so no biggie. I learned how to use the doggy door within a few hours so I know where to go potty. I love to play with my foster sister so for my furever home I would  love some furry friends. Anyway I have to go play and eat and do other puppy stuff.

9/10/19 Update:  This morning, Foster Mom and Dad woke me up early from my beauty sleep, didn’t feed me and then put me in the car to take me to the vet. I don’t understand why I had to go because obviously I am perfect. Did I mention they didn’t feed me?

Anyway, it was just for a checkup and I got to see all my favorite people there, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. I did some security work while I was there, to make sure no monsters or leaves were going to try and break in.

Then, on the way home, we got to FINALLY pick up a snack. As you can see, I just had to peek to see what was going on in the front.

9/14/19 Update:  Foster girl Casey Renea is celebrating her first birthday this weekend!