Chance has left Casa de Meza for his furever home.

Can you believe this handsome guy was in rescue for 275 days? We can’t either! He checks all the right boxes: 3-4 years old, doesn’t drool, doesn’t chew up things, a couch potato, crate trained, potty trained, has a puppy side that comes out, loves to go on walks and loves everyone unconditionally. 

I’m glad he was matched up with his new parents. He’ll be entering a home with an older sister named Lily. You can tell Lily was missing a playmate. They got all the sniffing out the way during the meet-and-greet. 

Chance was so excited when they came to adopt him today. He couldn’t wait to go on his next adventure! We will miss you, buddy, and your smiling face.

I’m about 3 years old and have lived in several homes so far. 

If you ask me, I’m perfect in every way. I mean, I like people, I like other pups, I love giving kisses, I love receiving affection, I am gentle, and I am a pint-sized rocket (meaning I am a small fella that is lightning fast).

Even though every family I had was nice, I just never seemed to fit into their lives. 

At my last home, I had a really nice mom, skin brother, and two fur siblings. They had always dreamt of owning a Bulldog and one day, there I was looking for another home. So they were like, “Chance, we are going to take you home with us and we will love you forever.”

And they did love me, but one of those other fur siblings was a boy and boy, did he not like me. He was always picking on me. No matter how nice I was, he just kept attacking me. Finally, I threw in the towel and said, “I am done being bullied!” 

My mom heard me loud and clear, so she searched for a group that helps Bulldogs like me find that perfect place. I was like, “Sign me up!” 

I waited so patiently and finally the day came. A nice lady showed up to pick me up. I was so excited… I mean REALLY excited. Like, I scared the lady because I was so excited, I could not breathe. 

The nice lady has been telling me about the famous Dr. Larsen and the Bright Star staff. Apparently, Dr. Larsen has a very famous lap that all the Bulldogs get to sit in. I can’t wait until it’s my turn. And you know what? I am the perfect size to be sitting in a lap!

10/14/21 Update:  Welcome New Boy Chance. Chance left Dr Larsen’s yesterday. Foster Mom couldn’t believe how tiny he is. He Only weighs 30 pounds. He’s 3 years old, lots of energy, he had surgery but is healing and is on a special food fir two weeks. But after that Chance will get the Good Stuff and help him gain some weight. He’s Very Sweet. Stay Tuned Folks!

10/18/21 Update:  Chance here checking in from the B&B

I’m settling in nicely. Lots of great spots for naps. I’m getting along great with the permanent residence. Although, I’m kinda under the impression this is a senior facility. These guys are lazy!! They only move for food. I’ve enjoyed meet the cat. He seems nice enough. I’m a super sweet guy. I won’t be single long. You better get your application in. All for now. I hear noises in the kitchen.

10/25/21 Update:  Chance has been in our home for a week now. This sweet active boy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He loves to play, take walks, eat and cuddle. 

11/12/21 Update:  I’m settling in nicely at my foster home. I’m friends with everyone. I love to play. The big guy in the house has started to play a little bit. Boy, do I love it! If you like to play, I’m definitely your guy.

1/7/22 Update:  I am a handsome devil for sure, but unfortunately, I’ve now been returned to rescue twice. I really hope third time’s a charm. I still want a furever family that is perfect for me. I’m told I deserve that, so I’ll wait for my next big break. 

I have the sweetest personality and I yearn to be the baby. I follow my foster parents around everywhere. I have several fur sisters to keep me entertained. 

I really need a household with other fur babies that don’t get too hyper. I can get wound up and I think that is where the issue might be. But I also can be calm and a cuddle buddy, if given the chance.

1/13/22 Update:  Chance is a ladies’ man! All he does is strut his stuff around the house full of six other females. He loves every minute of it!  He even finds himself often in the bottom of a Frenchie pile.

2/17/22 Update:  I wanted everyone know I have been patiently waiting on my furever family to find me.  I have been keeping myself busy by exploring.  My first adventure was to see exactly what foster mom was eating.  Looked like a plate of worms on top of things you find in a garden.  It didn’t look that appetizing to me, but it smelled amazing.   Next, I was off to explore an area they call the Master bed.  I found my way in between the two pillows.  This was a great spot because my legs could be stretched out comfortably.  Lastly, me and my foster siblings played a game of pyramid.  They convinced me I would be a great base.  The Frenchies always talk me into something fun and crazy.  Well anyways I will check in again soon.  Please share my story, so I can find myself another place to explore.