Chanel has been adopted! Story and photos pending.

At seven years old, Chanel has only known one family since she was a puppy. Unfortunately, that family has a newborn and told us they could no longer care for Chanel’s health needs.

Chanel, rest easy… you’re in great hands. We promise to fix your ears and help put more meat on your bones. You deserve the best and we will give it to you. 

Stay tuned to learn more after this sweet girl.

5/25/22 Update:  Chanel moved into her foster home earlier this week and settled in quickly. She loves to be close to you and taking naps in all the special spots She’s getting along with all things fur, and she’s potty and leash trained. 

She still needs to put on some weight and we’re trying to get her itching under control, but we’ll get there. She’s a very sweet and loving girl! 

6/1/22 Update:  I’ve been in my foster home for two weeks and I’m getting healthier and happier daily. I’m happy to report that my itchy skin hasn’t been as itchy since I started this magic pill. Boy, am I happy. 

My ears are still pretty yucky. Doc Larson is sending in another culture. I know she’ll have me fixed up in no time. 

I’m also gaining weight. 

I could eat all day long. I just know I’ll be a healthy-looking Bulldog in no time. I’d say a beautiful, healthy Bulldog, but I’m already beautiful. 

6/3/22 Update:  I’ve been enjoying the cooler mornings these past few days. I’m enjoying my walks. I get along great with the other boys in the houses. Even the cat. Today after my walk I discovered this really cool water fountain.

6/9/22 Update:   Life in the foster home had been exciting. We had a “baby” come to visit and I quickly reverted back to being a mom. I gave him a good cleaning, let him chew on my legs and made sure to help keep him out of trouble.