It was the best morning ever! In fact, I could hardly sleep last night. My foster momma said a really, really nice man was on his way from Sweetwater to make me a part of his family. Is this real life? I get an amazing dad who I get to be best friends with furever. I’m really good at being someone’s bestie. All I have to do is hang out with them all the time and snuggle? Count me in!

Hello bulldog friends, it’s me Chester joining rescue today! And guess what? Wednesday is my birthday and I will be 5 years old! It took me some time to decide that I was really ready to make the move, but after moving to Texas from another state and into an apartment, I made the decision to go. Apartment living was not the life for me. Every day it seemed like the apartment got smaller and smaller.

Back home in Kansas I had a big house and a big back yard and that was what I missed the most. I missed the freedom to chase the squirrels and the rabbits and explore.  

My family’s job relocated them to Texas, and into an apartment, while having a house built. When I heard 6 more months till the home is ready, I thought I was going to pass out.  My family loved me a lot, and cried big tears but they knew that I was just not happy. I was not myself anymore. I was depressed, I wanted my yard back and I was ready to go. So, I packed my food, brought some toys, and my crate and here I am.  

Really that is all about me for now. I am going to do some lap sitting today with Dr. Larsen because I know she knows all about bulldogs and she will understand me and why I had to go.

3/2/21 Update:  Chester just makes the best companion around the house and home office. He is so inquisitive and helpful. Sometimes a little too helpful!