Chewy Jr. ( now Ace)

Chewy Jr. ( now Ace)


Chewy says…”The saying, Good things come to those who wait, must have been written for me!!  You see, I was lucky enough to get a foster home on May 29th and right away I got settled in.  Then something great happened, 6 days later we got news that a family in League City was matched to ME!  Oh happy dance, but then the worst thing happened, I had this thing called Heartworm which meant I had to go back and do a stay~over at the clinic for a few days. I got my hinney shaved and took my shots, but now I have to what…wait 30 more days? Oh no, is my potential family going to wait I asked?  Lucky me they were!  Even though we hadn’t seen each other, my lil sister to be kept sending me “get well wishes” and pictures and she would get some of me “chilling”! The day finally came and this past Saturday she came to meet me!  Now I’m in my new home and Allie is sharing all her toys with me just like she promised!  My new parents say I’m such a sweetheart and lovable!  Hope they’re ready cause there’s lots more of that coming!  Here I am with my mom Faith, dad Jerad and my lil sis Allie!! Don’t we look great!”

I was found in the middle of the street and taken to the vet. They checked my microchip and found my owners, but they said they didn’t want me back. They couldn’t give me the care I needed. That made me sad, but I am a big boy and I can move on.

I will be 3 years old on June 8. I need entropion surgery on both of my eyes and I need to be treated for heartworms. And they tell me I have to be neutered. Other than that, I am in good shape. I know some basic commands and I love to snuggle. If you ignore me too long, I will tap you on the leg so you will know I am still here and need to be petted. I absolutely love all people and other dogs.

So give me a few weeks for my treatment and I will be as good as new. In the meantime, I will be going over the applications to find my perfect match.

5/30/19 Update:  So the little boy that wasn’t wanted is getting soooo much love now!  I have been in my foster home for a couple of days and getting use to the routine.  I have been told that I am a good house guest.  Ms. Paris, who use to be like me, is making me feel right at home!  I am really good at sharing spaces and staying out of the places I shouldn’t be!  I am a quiet little man and gentle too.  I do like to sit as close to you as I can get!   I have to have medicine put in my eyes, but I am not minding that all cause I get extra love when it happens!  Foster Pops says to me “Chewy, you are going to make someone a really good buddy!”  Could that possibly be you? 

6/2/19 Update:  Yesterday was a glorious day! It was my 3rd birthday and boy, did I get a celebration! Bounce house, live band, birthday cake and people singing just for me! OK, well, actually… the bounce house and band were there to thank our veterans in the neighborhood. But the rest was for me!

So many people loved on me and made me feel so special! Turns out, I don’t mind loud music and lots of kiddos running around me. I even mingled with some fur buddies. So there are new check marks on my “Get to Know Chewy” list! Foster Pops told me I deserved a great day and he was very glad someone was kind enough to literally save my life. There was even some crying, but the “happy” kind.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some more birthday cake to eat!