China Carley

China Carley

Today is the day that I start healing some broken hearts. So, let the healing begin!

About three months ago, I joined rescue because my mother, Harley Carley, had joined, and I saw how happy she was. I thought this is just where I need to be. I know I’m special and I deserve a special family. 

I looked through the approved applications daily and I would read: 

“We don’t like big Bulldogs” 


“We don’t like red Bulldogs” 


“We don’t like Bulldogs who drool”


“We don’t like Bulldogs who won’t let us dress them up” 


“We don’t like Bulldogs who are lazy” 


“We don’t like Bulldog who show their front teeth because that’s scary “ 

I was like, “What the heck? Do any of those people really like Bulldogs?”  

So, I waited and thought, when I find my forever home, I’m going to be treated like the queen I was born to be! And I finally found the family that is perfect for me. 

My new parents are previous adopters and when their Bulldog suddenly crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they were in shock. They were devastated. They could hardly breathe. Dahlia was her name. She had gone to the vet for some routine vaccinations. The vet noticed a hard spot on her and when the doc lifted her off the table, her spleen ruptured, and she was gone. Just like that. She had cancer.

I have some big shoes to fill, but I am a big gal, and I am ready to help my family heal. I am just the right lady for the job. I am going to use my charm to heal some broken hearts and I am going to be loved forever. 

My new dad is Nathan, my two skin brothers are Kiser and Keller and my new mom is Jennifer. I have a new fur sister,  Hattie, and she doesn’t have any teeth!

I will never take Dahlia’s place ~ everyone in rescue will always love and remember her. My new family has enough love for many Bulldogs, and they are honoring Dahlia by adopting me. They knew they needed to open up their hearts and love again. 

My new mom, Jennifer, spent most of the evening ordering me some new things. I love new things. I love new beds, balls and treats. I looked over everything that is coming, and I must say, I am truly going to be a queen.

Goodbye, rescue family and friends. I am out of here and ready to let my new life begin!    

I’m off maternity leave and looking for my mama. That’s right, if I look familiar, it’s because alumna Harley Carley was my mother. Harley Carley left home in October and was adopted by the best family. She is now the official greeter at Paw Country in Granbury and I see her regularly on social media.
To tell you the truth, I was sad she left, but I thought I wanted to stay behind and have some babies. I was wrong. Oh, I did have some babies. Matter of fact, I had 13. I had 13 babies all at the same time. I didn’t even have 13 nozzles to feed them! My family worked day and night, making sure everyone had their turn at the milk bar. Plus, there were a lot of extra bottles because there were a lot of extra mouths.
If you are wondering if I was a good mom and if I loved my babies, the answer is absolutely. However, I was “one and done!” My family was afraid if I had another litter, it would be another big one … and it just about killed them with all those babies needing attention 24/7.
When the rescue wagon got to my house, five of my babies hopped on board, too. Ziggy, Sir S’mores A’lot, Owen, Angelo and Lydia Nuggets all left with me. I was like, “Seriously? For 13 weeks, I have put up with ya’ll. Do you have to jump right in?” Yes, they did. So, I just scooted on over and away we went.
Today, I headed to see Dr. Larsen and sat with her. I told her she needs to be speedy about fixing me up because I want to go visit my mom, Harley Carley, and then find me a couch to call my own … without 13 puppies hanging on me! I am 2 years old and I love all dogs. Well, I love everything with fur.

5/18/21 Update:  China here on Tongue out-Teeth out Tuesday!  I get the days mixed up because all I really care about is Sunday Spa Day.

I am home from visiting with Dr. Larsen and she told me to stay calm because I still have some stitches in, but calm is not really my speed. I am more like “full speed ahead” better get out of my way because I will run over you to get to the door,  to run out the door, and sit by the car door.  My obsession with going in the car started when in my other life my dad had a job with Uber Eats. Even though those days are far behind me I still can still sprint to the car, be loaded up while you are still looking for your car keys.

So, with that being said, my perfect family will be active, will not mind a little getting run over when it’s time to go to the door, and will make sure I am the center of their world.  I am a huge fan of food, snacks are a must, and hanging out occasionally at a dog friendly sports bar is my kind of day. I am not the stay at home and watch TV kind of lady. There is way too much living to do for me to stay home alone.  So, if you think I am the bulldog you need send in an application to see about and you and me!

6/28/21 Update: I’m checking in from my Airbnb! On Saturday, the splash pad opened and I walked right in. I asked the lady in charge to keep the spray to a minimum of 6 inches, so I did not have to put on my life jacket. This fat gal can’t swim and I was not taking any chances. I found the light mist really refreshing.

When I was just about to really start to practice my back stroke, someone in the neighborhood started popping firecrackers, so I headed straight for the door and straight for my area under the bed. I was like, “For goodness’ sake, people… it’s not even the 4th yet and you are trying to make me have a heart attack!” I’ll be checking in again soon with another beach body photo.