Chita (now Blessing)

Chita (now Blessing)

When Chita was surrendered in December, she was shocked. But her mother had some serious medical issues and Chita needed a new home.  

Sheliah and Rebecca met Kim halfway for the transport, and Chita began her new life in rescue. Little did Chita know she had already found her forever home with Rebecca. And no one was as surprised as… well, everyone in rescue.

Rebecca had recently lost the love of her life, her husband Glenn, and she was still adjusting to life without him. I assured Rebecca that rescue would find Chita an amazing home, Rebecca looked at me like I had been shot out of a cannon and replied, “Chita already has an amazing home with me!” I said, “What?”  

It was true. From the minute Chita was picked up, Rebecca was already thinking of their life together and a new name for her. Chita joining rescue and Rebecca picking her up was just what was supposed to happen. Chita had always been loved and Rebecca has always loved Bulldogs. 

Rebecca made trips to Bright Star Veterinary Clinic and spent time with Chita, as Chita had surgeries to help her with some lady parts problems.  

The rest is history. Chita has a new name, Blessing, the other Bulldogs in the house, Charlie and Amber, have a new fur sister and Rebecca has a new fur daughter. A perfect ending to a perfect story. Much love and happiness to all four of you!

Let me say, I’m just as surprised to be here as you are. 

At 7 years old, I was as happy as could be in my home. I had a Pekingese sister who lived with me, and we were best friends. Other than her sneezing in my face a lot,  we really had a good time. 

But my mom has some serious health issues. She sat me down and told me she needed to go to the hospital, and she might be there for a long time. She promised she was not going until she found a place for me to go. 

She made some calls, and her neighbor made some calls, but it didn’t sound like they were having much luck finding me a new home. It’s Christmas time… people are crazy busy and traveling. 

Plus, at the age of 7, I’m not considered a “spring chicken.” I listened in disbelief because, even though I am older, I’m aged like fine wine.

My mom was still holding on the promise she was not checking into the hospital until I was safe. Finally, the neighbor called her sister Deanna and Deanna worked her magic. Deanna made some phone calls and within an hour, the rescue wagon rolled around the corner. 

I hopped in and here I am today starting the next chapter of my life. My fur is white as snow and soft as silk. I’m going to visit Dr. Larsen next week and she is going to just giggle when she sees my figure. It’s the shape of round! 

In the coming weeks, I will be looking through the approved applications to find my new family, a family who understands that 7 is just a number, and I am as perfect as can be.