Chloe Lynn

Chloe Lynn

Chloe Lynn has been adopted!   This sweet angel found her forever home and it was love at first sight!  Chloe walked into house, found the toy box, selected several to take to her new found favorite spot and claimed it as her very own.  Chloe has gained 3 new dog siblings, cats and even a few chickens!  Chloe was just in heaven.

Her new mom and dad are very smitten with their new bullie girl.  Mom has missed having a bulldog to snuggle and boy has she hit the jackpot.  Chloe did not have an easy start in life, but it’s all heaven from now on.  Foster dad and mom grew very attached to this special girl and we couldn’t be happier for her.  Happy tails, Miss Chloe!  You are forever in our hearts.

Chloe Lynn here!  Sorry I could only take 1 pic today because I feel really bad. My tail is super infected and my mouth hurts.  I don’t really want to sit down, lay down or walk around.  I loved my Mom and she loved me. But after many trips to the vet it was time that I lifted my paw and told my Mom I was ready to go to rescue. We talked about my problems and we both agreed I need more medical than most bulldogs and my Mom wanted me to be pain free.  We both cried and we said our goodbyes.  My Mom is going to watch my progress on Facebook and she said she is going to be so happy to see me pain free.  I am 5 years old and I think everyone that sees me is going to be so in love with me, Chloe Lynn, as beautiful as can be.

1/15/20 Update:   I met Chloe Lynn for the first time this week. An owner surrender, her mom had tried very hard to take care of her, but did not have the means for the medical care Chloe needed. It was hard for her mom to let her go, but she did it for Chloe Lynn.

Chloe had a very bad tail infection and all her teeth needed to be extracted. She couldn’t sit, lay or eat. Dr. Larsen treated the tail and removed all her teeth. At this point, we are hoping the tail will heal, if not she will need a tail removal. As far as all her teeth being removed, she will be on soft, wet food the rest of her life.
The Chloe I met was a shy, broken girl. A baby girl who had been sick a long time and now had lost her mom. She hangs her head and sits quietly. She has become attached to Michelle at the clinic. I would see them sitting together off and on all day. Chloe in Michelle’s lap, feeling safe.

When it came time for pictures, I held her in my lap a while before we started. We all talked and petted her and before we knew it, she was sitting up and holding her head up. We felt very honored that she began to trust us.

It’s too early to tell who Chloe Lynn really is… she’s been through too much. What I do know is I, and all the people I work with in rescue, will make sure she finds herself again and she finds the perfect family just for her. She will never have to hang her head or be broken again.