I’m here with a final update: I have been adopted by my foster fam! It was supposed to be just have a one-week stay at the Belongia Bulldog household, but they never stood a chance. 

I bark at everything and Furever Mom thinks it’s great. I also jumped over the back of the couch to get on the couch, and Furever Dad was in awe of my athletic prowess!

I have four other fur siblings…. all of whom are Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumni! They are old man Tubbs, Stewie, Bear and Jenny. Jenny, in particular, is my bestie.

And first up, we’re doing a family trip in the camper that is specifically used to bring us pups on trips. How cool is that?

Chōji here, and today I joined rescue! 

To tell the truth I did not see it coming. But things changed and my family went different directions. My Mom is headed to the west coast and my Dad, I don’t know, he just headed out. I am 4 years old and my small skin sister named me. It’s a different name, never heard of a bulldog named Chōji. You can pronounce my name like this, Choo-G.

Today was a tough day for my family. I have had the same family since I was 8 weeks and leaving me behind as they make there drive up the west coast was tough.  The kids cried and I cried. I stood up on my back legs and watched my family leave. But driving to California with kids and stuff would have been rough on me. I kept thinking what if the car breaks down and I sit on the side of the road?  That could mean life or death for me.  And after all, I was born in Texas, and a Texan rarely moves to the west coast.  

This week I will be telling all my problems to Dr. Larsen and sitting in her lap. She is going to understand why I am sad. But she is going to fix my eye, neuter me and love me. Dr. Larsen also knows who Chōji is.  She knows Chōji lives in Japan and just like Pokemon he is loved, he is kind and he is smart.  He also gets made fun of for being chubby, but Doc says we don’t do any name calling so I know this thing called rescue is going to be just fine with me.

7/19/22 Update:    I feel like, if you were at the rescue event yesterday, I need no introduction. I probably barked at you. Or near you. Or across the room from you.  But I promise you, I’m a sweet boy.

I’m new to rescue and I’m a little overwhelmed, as this is a new experience for me.   

The good news is I wasn’t sure about Foster Mom or Dad in the beginning either. After only a couple of days, though, I decided they were OK and I now happily follow them around.

I have never been aggressive to them or my four fur siblings. If anything, I’ve been kind of shy around them.

I know how to sit, I love to eat, like my kennel and I do my business outside. The first day, I marked something and Foster Mom said,  “That’s not how we do it, Choji,” and I haven’t done it again. 

I sleep in the bedroom with Foster Mom and Dad and two of my fur siblings and I do fine all night.

Here are some pics of me being a good boy.