I know all of the ladies’ hearts will now break, but I want everyone to know I found my FURever family! That’s right, this stud muffin is officially off the market.

I packed my bags, halfway blew a kiss to my foster pawrents, nearly left without my adoption day gift and proudly sat in the back of my furever pawrents’ Tesla all the way to Austin. I’m going to do amazing things here, so I’m sure you’ll read all about me.

Much thanks to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, my foster pawrents, the Meza family and Dr. Larsen and team!

It is a story we hear often: a Good Samaritan steps in to rescue a Bulldog from a family member or friend unable to continue caring for them. Only later, they find themselves in over their head with either health or financial problems and they need someone to take the dog.

We were glad to take 7-year-old Chumlee into rescue. He is beautiful, fairly healthy, house trained, leash trained, and as sweet and friendly as they come. He is at the vet clinic to get checked out and his shots updated. He then will be ready for his foster home.

Very soon, he will be looking to be matched with his perfect forever family.

2/24/19 Update:  Foster boy Chumlee’s colonoscopy results came back and we learned he has inflammatory bowel disease. We’d like to start him on Cerenia to calm his GI tract, but he needs a daily pill and the cheapest source we can find has it priced about $3.40 per pill. Our doc has called the company to see if we can get some type of discount. In the meantime, she’s started him on Reglan, which is similar, but not quite as effective.

3/20/19 Update:  Chumlee is ready to leave the vet clinic and head to his foster home. For the past month, he has been tested and treated for inflammatory bowel disease. Since we started him on a new medication, his tummy has settled down and he has not had any problems at all. He is such a sweet boy and gets along with almost everyone and everything. But he is a Bulldog and gets a little bullheaded every once in a while. He just needs some structure and guidance, and a foster parent who will take charge.

4/14/19 Update:  What up ladies? It’s me, Chumlee strollin’ in for an update. I’ve been in my foster home a couple weeks now and I must say I’m kinda diggin’ it. Wisdom comes with age and I’m the wisest and if I say so myself, best looking Bulldog here. I let my foster pawrents know exactly what I want, whether it’s to go outside to do my business, go for a ride in the truck, eat or my water bowl cleaned. I also don’t hesitate to let them know what I don’t want, like to be in a kennel or told no I can’t go for a ride. You don’t have to worry, I am past the chewing stage and I don’t have accidents. I’m not hyper and I’d rather not be around those that are. I’m definitely a catch of a lifetime for the right family.

4/25/19 update:  Yo, yo, yo! Your main squeeze Chumlee here. What a beautiful Friday. I just wanted to remind you of just how daggum perfect I am! I don’t chew on things that aren’t mine. I’m not hyperactive, but I do enjoy a rough play session with my Foster Pa from time-to-time (but don’t worry – I’ll tell ya when the time is right). I know where to do my business, so I deserve free roam of my castle. I’m easy to get along with, just don’t startle me. I know when I want to go for a joy ride, so you better take me. I know when it’s time to eat (down to the minute) and I say please, please, please over and over until I get my bowl. I enjoy my bath time and I’ll let you know when bath time is over. I’m a smart guy and I know I’m perfect, so don’t try to fool me. Oh, and I’m pretty daggum handsome too!