Cleopatra Danielle

Cleopatra Danielle

Just wanted to let you know my adoption happened last Friday and I moved into my new home.  I now have a bully brother & sister, mom & dad and my own human sister.  They have been waiting for me for months and were so excited to see me.  I walked right into the house, raided the toy box for a bone and made myself at home.

My foster mom and foster Grandma will miss me,  but know that I will be loved and taken care of.  Hugs & thank you to my foster family and my foster bullie bros and sisters for helping me to grow and loving me.  Love, Cleo

I know that’s a big name for me, so just call me Cleo! I know you’re wondering why I joined rescue … a beautiful baby like myself needing a new home. Well, is that just crazy or what?

Truth is I had a home and I had a lot of brothers and sisters. One by one, they starting leaving for their new lives. Everyone but me. There were a lot of boys in my litter and everyone wanted a boy! I could not understand it all. So, in the end, there was my Bulldog mom, my Bulldog dad and me. And neither one of them cared about playing with me. Finally, my mom decided that I needed to move on. I was starting to get sad and she knew I needed someone that could hold me, play with me and love me.

So here I am. I’m about 10 weeks old, with razor-sharp teeth, fur as soft as silk and eyes that will instantly make you want to love me. Oh, and my fur is the color of chocolate. That’s pretty special because Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!

1/13/19 Update:  I just joined rescue on Thursday and I am already loving it. I went see Dr. Larsen on Friday and she said I have puppy worms and needed my shots. That shot hurt, but I didn’t cry. I have been hanging out at Dusty and Marco’s house, but I am keeping my distance from all the pups until I feel better. I even got some new sweaters to keep me warm because I am so small. Hope to meet everyone soon. Puppy kisses, Cleo

1/23/19 Update:  Hey, its’s me, Cleo. AKA Cleo-shark or Pooper! I have been in rescue for two weeks and I am adapting to my foster home with all the Bulldogs and Scottie dog here. Because I am still having tummy issues, Dr. Larsen put me on special food and more medicine. I am eating good, love to take my medicine and I even gained 1 lb in a week.
I have been trying to play with all the Bulldogs, but Marco and Dusty are my favorites! I can’t REALLY play with them until I get better because Marco is more prone to getting sick. I do love to talk to them through the crate.

1/29/19 Update:  I’ve had a busy week. Did you know life as a puppy is really hard? Lots of eating, playing, sleeping and 💩ing! I have got that down.

I got to go to Puckett’s Nursery in Allen and take some pics with all the Valentine’s Day hearts. Foster Mom got me a shirt and I had a cute tutu! I also got to help at the register. I am a really hard worker!

3/6/19 Update: I finally got my last set of shots and can go run in the yard, but the weather is yucky and cold, so foster mom is waiting on my yard debut!

I am doing well and gained 3.2 lbs in three weeks. I am still the princess of the house and I even got to meet fellow foster girl Harlow this weekend. She came for a sleepover and played with all of us. I was teaching her the “puppy stare for treats/food” while we were taking a break from playing. She also told me that she is happy to be in rescue and feels so loved. I told her it only gets better! I even learned how to FaceTime this week. My foster dad is traveling and he missed me, so we FaceTime’d and I introduced him to my new friend, Harlow. Well, watch for the update on my yard debut. It’s coming! 💗 Cleo

3/25/19 Update:  I finally got to get outside in the yard and let me tell you…I was a little scared! But then I saw all the other Bulldogs here running around and playing and others just lounging and I figured it couldn’t be too bad. I LOVE IT! Also, I had my first trip to Walmart for a toy for foster mom’s grandson Jace. He ❤️’s me, and I got a new squeaky toy too!

Foster mom tells there is a Bulldog event happening today. I’m not sure what that is, but I am going to be there. Hope to see everybully there. 💜Cleo (aka: “Baby-Dog”)