Cleopatra has been adopted! From her foster momma: I think Cleopatra knew the family entering the house was hers. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she greeted them with a dance consisting of Cleo-choreographed circles, bum wiggles, and uncoordinated leaps. What am I going to do without all her spirited mischief to keep me entertained? Her new family has found themselves a gem of a Bulldog. Cleo will have a mum and dad (or, as she will probably view them, butler 1 and butler 2) and a feathered sister named Joey! The adventures of Cleo and Joey will probably make for a good compilation of short stories… if I know Cleopatra. I’m very happy for her and her furever family. Happy tails, Cleopatra. May you always be Queen of the Nile.

Please welcome 5-year-old Cleopatra to our rescue family. With thick eyeliner and a sweet, seductive face, this Bulldog is sure to please any family that does not have cats or male dogs. Cleopatra is not a fan of either. But for the family that has females or no dogs, she is a show stopper for sure! Cleopatra is smart, funny knows several commands and loves, loves, loves people and kids. Cleopatra may have a slight ear infection, but we’ll get that fixed. She is going to make a perfect family member!

5/26/17 Update:

It’s me… Cleopatra. I know I have quite a name to live up to. Thankfully, I’m beautiful so my namers knew what they were doing. Foster Mum says I have a sassy look that could be mistaken for attitude. (She likes to point out my expression in the photo where I’m laying on the gold blanket.) But I’m actually pretty mellow and sweet… just ask my furry housemates. Speaking of whom, we’ve been getting along really well. My previous family said I don’t like male dogs and cats, but so far I don’t mind female dogs at all. I’ve given my housemates dirty looks a couple of times when they got too close to any of the toys and bones in the house, all of which belong to me (of course), but nothing more has happened. Oh, and I met my neighbor dog, who’s also a female, and we’ve become friends.

Let me tell you about my adventures today. Foster Mum had to open the door to the fence today while I and my housemates were outside. Did you know that it only took me a couple of inches to push that door open just wide enough to squeeze through? My housemates are a dull lot and didn’t follow me. But Foster Mum… she was calling out commands I’d never heard her try to teach me before. It was just too much to decipher so I carried on with my tour of the neighborhood. Oh, but then I turned around and saw the neighbor dog follow me out the door! It was so much fun! I went one direction, and she went the other. When we meet up again, we’ll have to swap stories. Anyway, I’m digressing. I met a really nice lady down the street, and she caught me. I’m a really friendly little girl and like meeting new people, so even though the adventure was over, I was happy to have made a new friend. Foster Mum was so relieved and happy to see me that she had apparently decided to postpone teaching me the new commands for another day. Oh, and I also had so much fun at the Pet Expo this past weekend. I met lots of nice people, and there was this one little girl who gave me kisses. I think some photos of us were taken and posted on the rescue’s Facebook page. I’m really photogenic so you probably know the photo I’m talking about and have already printed it out and framed it. I don’t blame you. They didn’t name me Cleopatra for nothing.