Cletus was a bit down on his luck. He had probably been spending most of his life outside. He came down with heartworms. His tail developed a nasty infection. But then, things started to turn around. After being pulled from a shelter, he was in the safe and loving hands of rescue. And now, things are looking up.

Though he is undergoing treatment for his heartworm and tail infection, vets have assured that his medical problems are only temporary. It may not be fun for now, but Cletus will be just fine in no time!

Cletus is a big boy. And when I say big, I mean big – about 70 pounds! His foster mom describes him as goofy and a bit nosy, but it’s a good kind of nosy. He just likes to know what you’re up to, and what food it is that you’re enjoying. He is the same way around dogs – sweet but curious – and he is great with cats as well.

Probably because he spent most of his life outside, Cletus is still learning to be housebroken (he sometimes marks), but aside from that, he knows a leash and does well in his crate. And because of his sweet temperament, his foster mom recommends him for just about any home, so long as it is willing to work with his marking habit.

At this point, Cletus is feeling pretty good about the way things are going. “I like to think of myself as a big ball of love,” he says. “And I must admit, I do enjoy a good treat . . . or two . . . or ten.”

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