Bonnie and Clyde have been adopted!  Brother and sister are on their way to Austin to start their new lives with a wonderful Mom and Dad.  It was love at first sight when this couple came up to meet them a few weeks ago and have been patiently waiting for their newest family members to be ready to join them.  Shopping ensued with new cushy beds, toys and awesome food!  Foster mom knows that Bonnie and Clyde have hit the jackpot and we couldn’t be happier for them.  It was such a joy to foster this comical duo, watching them turn into the family bulldogs they were meant to be.

Welcome 4 year old Clyde to rescue. We were told that Bonnie and Clyde are 3-4 year old litter mates who have always been together. They were surrendered to a local shelter. While there, a kind lady who volunteers for another pet rescue saw them and knew such great Bulldogs did not belong in a shelter. So she adopted them, took them home and took care of their vaccinations and other immediate needs. But since she already had three dogs at home, she knew she could not give Bonnie and Clyde the proper care and attention they deserved. That is when she contacted LSBCR. They are just a perfect pair. They get along great with dogs, cats, kids and even chickens!  We picked them up this morning and they are now being boarded at a vet. They need and deserve a forever home soon.

12/4/16 Update:  From their foster momma: This bonded brother and sister are just that ~ bonded. They are the most loving and sweetest little Bullie babies we have ever fostered. Period. They are happy, submissive and just plain adorable! Have I mentioned they are easy? Because they are. They are catching on quickly with the house training and will do whatever you need them to do. They get along great with all of their foster siblings, no toy or food aggression and have become very attached to the couch! They are 3 years old and would do well in a first-time Bulldogger home or a home with kids and other animals.

12/22/16 Update:  This adorable little brother and sister are having the best week ever.  They have had visitors coming to see them (they think) and foster mom has been cooking in the kitchen and they are more than willing to help out with any spillage that happens. They do very well with lots of activity or none and all.  Bonnie and Clyde are definitely the “watchers” of the household.  Couch time is very important to these two and they are never more than just a couple of feet apart from one another.  They love to snuggle and love the belly rubs.  Clyde can be more playful and run around with Bonnie content on watching her brother.  Toys are always enjoyed by this pair, too.  House training is going well, with just a couple of accidents to speak of.  They get along great with their fur siblings, too!  Bonnie and Clyde would be great first time bulldog parents and with kids.  Clyde does like to “mouth” when he gets excited, so maybe no tiny fingers.  This dynamic duo would also like to give a big thank you to the wonderful and thoughtful supporters that we have out there that gave them wonderful toys and big, soft blankets!

1/9/17 Update:  Brother and sister duo Bonnie and Clyde continue to charm us, and steal our hearts a little more each day. These sweet 3-year-olds are fabulous house guests. They’ve had minimal accidents inside, as they continue to learn what it means to (thankfully) live indoors.

Clyde is spunky and outgoing, and has taken to being foster mom’s shadow around the house. He’s enjoying being the only boy with four girls in our pack! Clyde is the “Belly Rub King,” unabashedly flopping over to “allow” his people to stroke his tummy!  Bonnie, by contrast, is gentle and sweet. Quiet and loving, she is a great snuggler, and world-class kisser. Unfortunately, Bonnie tore her ACL in her back leg last week, and is in for surgery soon. This surgery will be followed by forced bedrest, awesome water therapy, treats and love until she is able to run around unfettered with her brother.  And what a brother Clyde is! He dotes on his little sister, protecting her when there’s an argument, and laying outside her crate as she rests her wounded leg. These two are completely devoted to each other, and it is a lucky family that will be able to call Bonnie and Clyde their own.

1/22/17 Update:  Bonnie goes in for her ACL surgery on Tuesday.  Please say a prayer for this little angel.  The sooner we can get her all healthy, the sooner she and her brother, Clyde can find their forever home.  They truly are the sweetest little duo.  I know that Clyde will be a little upset that he won’t be able to snuggle with his sister after her surgery, but we will put his bed next to her crate.  He does not like to be away from her and he seems to sense that she isn’t feeling well, also.  They heard all about the event yesterday and wished they could’ve been there.  Next time, we told them.  So for now, they will hunker down with foster mom and dad and just take it easy.

2/19/17 Update:  Clyde loves to play and run and chase a squirrel or two. Of course, he does love the belly rubs, too. And he will roll over for you to help you out with access to said belly. This brother and sister really rely on each other for so much… the snuggles, the way they comfort each other. They are so loving and deserve the best home and family ever!

3/7/17 Update:  Bonnie and Clyde:  This little comical duo had another great week with their foster family.   Bonnie has 2 water therapy sessions under her belt and she is doing great.  Speaking of belt, we are trying to get hers to shrink a bit during this time of rehabilitation.  She is down a couple pounds, too!  Bonnie is the easiest going little girl and so stinking loving.  She loves to be with her people and bellyrubs.  Dont forget naps!  And of course her brother, Clyde.  Clyde has more energy and a little more mischievious.  He is a little ninja-like with his antics but he is a wonderful boy.  He simply adores his sister and just doesn’t like to be away from her.  Clyde also loves his belly rubs and time spent with a favorite toy.  Bonnie and Clyde would do best with a family with no other animals and bigger kids.

4/2/17 Update:  Clyde the clown! Life is just a bowl of cherries for this young man. He loves nothing more than to sprint out to the back of the yard to try to catch whatever he thinks is invading his territory. Of course, foster mom never sees what the heck he sees, but he’s so happy to have an occupation. Something that Clyde doesn’t love are thunderstorms! If he had a tail, he’d tuck it and run to the little nook under the office desk and stay holed up until it’s gone. Of course, a nap usually gets the best of him while hiding out.

4/17/17 Update:  Bonnie and Clyde have had a wonderful week and an even better Easter.  It was such a pretty day that foster mom had the backdoor open most of the day and they got to help out in the flower beds.  Well, lets just say they watched.   Clyde loves to chase the june bugs and insects and Bonnie just adores to sunbathe.  We gave good news for these two as a sweet couple is coming up to meet them next weekend!   Everyone keep your paws crossed that this will be a love match for all!