Coco Carol (now Mocha)

Coco Carol (now Mocha)

Coco C. (Now Mocha) has found her forever family with the Reeders!

We couldn’t have hoped for a more loving, sweet family who are so invested in her care and wellbeing. Congratulations!!!

Hello everyone it’s me Coco Carol joining rescue today!  There are no sad stories for me.  I have been loved all my life. I am 4 years old, and 46 pounds of bulldog perfection. My family had some changes in their daily living and they felt like I was being left alone a lot. And I hated being left alone. And before long they are moving.

I love people and kids. And I would love to have other dogs to play with. So, after a family meeting I decided to pack my overnight bag and join rescue.  My family was a basket case when we said our good byes.  Not everyone came because they knew how hard this was going to be. But I am Ok.  I know that I will find a fabulous family that wants a bulldog that is beautiful, smart and funny.

I have a folder of medical records, and I brought my crate and my dog food. I have a jacket for the winter and a slow-feeder if I start to gulp my food. I have some medicine for itching, some toys to play with, a brush for brushing and a bottle of shampoo in case I fall down in a puddle and get muddy.  I think I brought it all.  

So don’t be sad for me. This is just a hick-up on my journey thru life. Next time you see me I will probably be with my new family and they will just love being a family to me!  Coco Carol out, headed to Dairy Queen for a ice cream cone and a large sweet tea!

10/24/21 Update:  Dr. Lay corrected a deformity in her femur by cutting it, spreading it and changing the angle. Everything is held together with metal plates and bone chips, which will eventually grow to make the bone solid. This is very similar to what he did to Lilibeth’s forearm. He also repaired a loose kneecap (patellar luxation).

12/7/21 Update:  Coco Carol had a wonderful first week here at Casa Bulldog. 

If there’s one word that describes this sweet girl, it’s “happy!” Comfy beds? Belly rubs? Dinnertime? It all makes little Coco happy as a clam. 

She loves her foster siblings, too. She and alumna Caboose have become the best of friends. They play and groom, and being able to nap time together on the bed is the BEST. 

Coco doesn’t let her alopecia scratch at her self esteem, but she LOVES any chance she gets to wear cute clothes. Especially when she and her little shadow, Caboose, get to look like partners in a jazzercise competition. 

Coco is already great on a leash for her daily rehab walks, and she’s using ramps to go outside and take care of business like a champ. 

Of course, we’re doing our best to make sure she takes it easy on her healing leg, and Foster Momma has already begun home rehab work to get her back to full strength. 

Coco is such a loving, good-natured girl, and we’re very happy to have her with us for now. She spent most of Sunday strutting her stuff in a cute little dress, and now she’s happily snoring away, getting ready for another great day.

12/13/21 Update:  To say Coco is settling in well, would be putting it mildly. I’m pretty sure she already feels like part of the family. Knowing this sweet girl, she would fit in just about anywhere. 

She gets along famously with everyone, and is rarely happier than when she’s got a toy to chew. 

She’s settled into her new routine like she’s been doing it all her life. She waits patiently in her pen for breakfast and dinner (to keep her foster siblings from getting to the medication in her food), and always goes potty outside with the other dogs. 

This week, we’ve been letting her spend more time on the “big bed” with us, and she’s in heaven. I’m pretty sure she would spend every waking (or napping) hour up there if she could. Of course, close supervision is necessary, as we have to make sure she avoids any movements or rough housing that could aggravate her healing knee. 

As for that knee, she seems to be making progress with daily exercise and closely monitored gentle play sessions with alumna Princess Caboose. It will take time and work to get her leg back to full strength, but Coco is definitely up for the challenge.  

I’ll be taking Coco to work with me tomorrow for a physical medicine consult. There are a few things I am concerned about and I want to make sure everything is healing correctly and tweak her home exercise plan, if needed. I would really like to get her in for a few rehab sessions if possible. I will keep everyone updated.

12/21/21 Update:  Lady Coco of Salisbury Steak (as we call her) had her initial rehabilitation appointment last week. We found that she is not putting enough weight on her recovering limb as she should be at this stage. It could just be because she is a little more mobile now that she’s in a foster home and not at the vet clinic. 

She also has a lot more laxity in her Achilles’ heel then there should be. We did an ultrasound of the limb to compare it with the radiographs that showed some mineralization on her Achilles. It could be from a previous injury or tear, which could have contributed to her lameness. She is not painful on the limb, but does have some pain and weakness in her right front limb and slight breakdown of her toes (this is why her front paws turn in so much). This is likely from years of continually shifting her weight forward to not put as much on her pelvic limbs. These are all issues that can be worked on to keep her comfortable and quality of life good. 

Her bones are healing well and her plates are right where they are supposed to be. Dr. Barton is working on a plan for her this week. I’ve been told to put her on rest and continue with icing, passive range of motion exercises, massage, and twice daily  pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treatments on the Assisi Lounge. 

I have to say she is a model patient! The whole staff repeatedly remarked as to how sweet she is. She just laid on Dr. Barton’s lap while she did her exam. She fell asleep during the ultrasound. LOL The girl just loves affection.

1/5/22 Update:   Miss Coco Carol had a whirlwind holiday season, and she’s handled it like a champ. 

For Christmas, she came with us to visit family. She’s a natural when it comes to riding in the car. Coco is completely content looking out the window and napping the miles away, and she’s a pro at potty breaks.

Even in a different house with new dogs, Coco just finds a bone to chew on or a quiet place to sleep, and she’s happy as can be. She got some wonderful Christmas presents, including her new favorite squeaky turtle, and fit right in like she was part of the family. 

Coco has a knack for making the best of whatever comes her way. She absolutely loves her naps, but is also happy playing with her foster sister (and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna) Caboose. She gets along with everyone, whether they wear shoes or have paws. 

Her leg is still slowly mending after surgery, so we’re being careful to closely monitor her play and exercise. As far as Coco is concerned, nothing is going to slow her down, but we have to make sure she’s using both back legs equally so she heals correctly. 

Coco’s favorite time of the day (dinner) is coming up, so we’ll check in with another update next week. She wishes you all a happy new year, and is excited to find her furever home.

1/13/22 Update:  Coco keeps her charm skills sharp while she’s waiting for her perfect family. Everyone falls in love with her the moment they meet her.

1/16/22 Update:     Hello Bulldog lovers! I hope everyone is snuggling with their furry families. It’s ugly sweater Saturday here at Castle Bulldog. Foster Mom says I’m so cute that nothing looks ugly on me. 

You should know that I love having fur friends. I’m also becoming a foster daddy’s girl.  But every day, my foster family tells me that some day soon, I will be someone’s forever girl. I’ll make your heart melt soon as you meet me. Fill out an application… you could be my perfect match!

1/21/22 Update:  Tomorrow is a big day for Coco Carol. She has her rehab evaluation and final recheck radiographs. If everything looks good and her recovery is on track, she’ll get the all-clear from her hyper-protective foster mom that her leg is stable and she can safely start life with a  forever family. 

If you appreciate a well-behaved happy Bulldog, Coco Carol may be your girl. 

She gets along great with her foster siblings. She has more initiative than her underachieving (submissive) foster siblings, so she would do best with laid back dogs. 

She is gentle when taking treats from your hand and she tolerates her daily eye drops and wrinkle cleaning well. 

She loves being close to humans. She is always curled up next to us or in a pretzel pile with the other dogs. She also does well in a kennel. She is such a sweet girl, so sweet that she even farts powdered sugar!

1/27/22 Update:  With the new foster taking up all of my time, Coco Carol seems to be the most effected out of all the dogs. She’s been following me around sitting next to me as if she’s waiting for her turn to get some attention. This girl loves being next to her people and it saddens me to think that she doesn’t feel like the queen right now. You can always find her hanging out on the bed taking her eighty-second nap of the day. It’s her favorite thing to do.

Coco may not do well with little dogs. She’s not aggressive just unsure if she should play or bat the puppy around like a cat does with a dead thing. She’s ready for her forever home.

2/2/22 Update:  Coco Carol says she’s running out of snacks while she waits for her perfect family. She’ll savor this one to make it last. 

With the new foster girl taking up all of my time, Coco Carol seems to be the most affected out of all the dogs. She’s been following me around and sitting next to me, as if she’s waiting for her turn to get some attention. This girl loves being next to her people and it saddens me to think that she doesn’t feel like the queen right now. 

You can often find her hanging out on the bed, taking her 82nd nap of the day. It’s her favorite thing to do. 

Coco may not do well with little dogs. She’s not aggressive, just unsure if she should play or bat the puppy around, like a cat does with a dead thing. 

She’s ready to find her furever family!

2/16/22 Update:  Miss Coco C. is very excited. She has a meet-and-greet with a potential furever family this afternoon. 

From Coco Carol: “Wish me luck! I’m going to need it. For some reason, Foster Mom gave me a bath and now I smell like I rolled through a puddle of 37-year-old Avon perfume.”