After 5 months of posting updates about Colt and “trying” to find someone to adopt him, we are finally ready to admit that he has truly been “ours” all along.

We fell in love with him immediately and could not imagine anyone else taking him so, here we are, with our first foster “fail”

Thank you to rescue for helping us work through the concerns – we are thrilled with the outcome and I am excited to not have to look for someone else to “take” him from us

He has been our boy from the minute we met him

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Colt wandered around town until he was picked up by animal control.  And for the life of Colt he could not understand how someone could just let him get lost and never look for him. After all, it was winter and cold outside. 

From the photos you can see Colt has been hungry for a real long time.  In fact Colt has been starving. The biggest thing about Colt is his head. The rest of him is tiny.

Colt has been neutered but something is going on with his back legs. He does not struggle to walk, in fact he can run, but he gait is just off.  

Better days ahead Colt as rescue will help you become the handsome bulldog you were always meant to be, and you will have every medical need met. Your happy ever began today Colt, you just wait and see!

2/16/22 Update:  It’s been about a month since you’ve seen me. Let me refresh your memory…

I was picked up as a stray and no one came looking for me. I sat there at the shelter, day in and day out, waiting. While I waited, I got sick with kennel cough.

For the last four weeks, I’ve been just laying around watching TV in a room by myself, so I can heal. Do you think I look thin? I’ve actually gained 10 lbs!

On Friday, I felt great and I went to sit with Dr. Larsen. I expected some bad news. You might remember my back legs are not real strong and I sometimes drag them. 

But guess what? 

Dr. Larsen said I have perfect knees and my problem is that I simply was born this way. She called me special. It’s kind of like, “what you see is what you get.” So, no leg surgeries for me! Oh, happy day! 

Dr. Larsen said I could gain some more weight, but not too much. She said I needed exercise, but no stairs. If you live in a two-story home, I can still live with you. I’ll just stay downstairs!  

My foster mom calls me amazing. I don’t have a mean bone in my body.  I have no idea how to start a fight and have no way to defend myself in a fight. I love the cat who comes around for breakfast.

Dr. Larsen believes I am between 3-5 years old and today, I am looking for a family who is looking for me: a perfect little Bulldog!

2/22/22 Update:  Foster Mom says I need to practice my poses for Tongue Out Tuesday… or Thursday. Or whenever. Not sure what that’s all about. 

I am settling into my foster place and trying to get used to moving around on these smooth floors.

Before I joined rescue, I had been abandoned. I was hungry and cold, and now, I’m exactly the opposite. I’m warm, cozy and my belly is full. Thanks to Foster Mom and Doc, I’m gaining weight and working on my walking. Doc said I don’t need surgery, but I could benefit from some water therapy. Maybe my forever family will have a pool to help me strengthen these muscles. 

For now, I am warm and happy with Foster Mom and getting lots of love and pets… my favorite

Maybe I’ll be matched to you as your forever pup. I know you won’t be sorry!

3/3/22 Update:  OK, I was told that we would love Colt because he is perfect. And they were right! Colt is a little bundle of adorable chil.  

He does not sit easily due to his hind leg issues, but as you can see, he makes it work. The rest of the time he is flat out, tongue out, snoring away. 

When awake, he’d prefer you be petting him. It’s hard to resist, as the face and the underbite just pull you in.

He is a good boy – does his business outside and does his best version of running when he is excited.

Perfect indeed…. I’m sure he’ll be matched to his perfect family soon!

3/14/22 Update:  Every day is another day of loving this handsome boy. As I type, he is splayed out on the floor snoring away – tough life. He waits patiently for his forever family… those who will pet him, rub his belly and play with him. He is so easy going and, despite not having strong back muscles, he has no trouble getting around.

Maybe he’ll be your forever dog. You’d be the luckiest family in the world if Colt is matched to you!

3/22/22 Update:  Hi friends and fans, Colt here…

That storm was just a lot of noise but I can out snort and out-snore any storm (maybe this is not my best selling point?).

FM and Foster sis like to watch me as I suckle my bed and snore but I love to nom nom on any bed…it relaxes me and puts me right out.

Plus, I need to harness all my energy because FM says we are going to a pawty on Saturday…so excited to show off this handsome face

I hope you will be there so you can love on me the way I am meant to be loved.  With snorts and

snores, Colt

3/30/22 Update:  Colt is still tired from Saturday’s awesome Bulldog Bonanza! While he was mostly in the shade, he was having some trouble with the heat,  so we had to leave early. While there, he didn’t meet any dogs (or people) that he didn’t like. He was truly chill with everyone. I love this boy and this face… how can you not?

4/5/22 Update:  Have I mentioned how “easy” Colt is?

He is my company when I am working at home and my “noise machine” when I am trying to sleep.

He is the most adorable face you will need to look at on any given day and a joy to see when you come home. 

Most importantly, he will always let you pet him, scratch him and love him… extra points when you rub his belly. 

Must be honest, though… possibly due to muscle or bone issues with his back legs and/or spine, I am not sure he always “knows” when he needs to poop. Sometimes he gets outside in time and other times, it is almost as if it just happens while he is walking. This is inconsequential compared to the love he shares.

4/12/22 Update:  Colt was not very happy that we didn’t make it to Campisi’s yesterday, especially because he had gone for a bath and nail trim on Saturday! I was hesitant because he had issues with the heat previously and I didn’t want to take any chances. He continues to be awesome, so hopefully I will get more opportunities to show him off soon!

4/28/22 Update:   He just continues to keep us smiling.

Whether he’s lying down (which adds to the beautiful face-squishing) or sitting (he does his best due to his hind leg issues), this guy is all personality and joy.

He will not sleep on any bed – his face always seems to be hanging off. That’s OK with us and we revel in just how amazing he is. I mean, just look at that face…

5/11/22 Update:  Colt is the best work partner, ever…unless you are on a call and he is snoring away with Raffe, his stuffed giraffe, under his chin. Then, it’s hard to hear what others are saying, but it’s so worth it.

Colt will be going to visit Dr. Lay, so he can take another look at his leg/spine issues and determine what (if anything) can be done. They will also look at his palate issues. 

We want to make sure he’s all fixed up so he can find the perfect family who is looking for the perfect dog. 

He is one sweet boy and he’s made my Mother’s Day even more special by being “mine”…. At least temporarily. 

6/1/22 Update:  I’ve been MIA for a bit as Foster Momma was on vacation. No worries – I had the pleasure of staying at Uncle Theo’s B & B (Bulldogs and Binge) for over a week and I happily give it five stars for service!

Foster Momma came back and then I had to go to the clinic for an MRI to see what is up with my spine/hind legs. That part was not fun, but when I woke up, there were Foster Momma and Foster Sis back from their time away…and boy, was I happy to see them.

Now, I am back in my foster home and waiting to hear what is next for me. I know how much my forster family loves me, so I know how much you will too!

6/9/22 Update:   Colt remains our perfect angel. It makes me sad that he may not like having a “dog buddy.” He would probably do better with other laid back dogs, perhaps even seniors since Colt does have his spine/leg issues. That said, an MRI was done and results went to Dr. Lay who just needs a free minute to review them. Once done, hopefully we can get a plan in place to help him! 

6/13/22 Update:  Hallelujah says Colt…I finally got all of my beds back and I am ecstatic.

I had Dakota here with me for a few weeks and he just did not respect my space…playing with MY toys and messing with all of MY sleeping spaces (even though Mom had one just for him, I still wanted to claim it as mine!)

Good news… here I am relaxing in “MY” bed and being wonderful, as always

So – Doc Larsen finally got back on my MRI and it looks like I have a compressed spinal cord (atrophied) and disc ruptures that will cause everything from T8 down to degenerate. Doc says this will eventually cause paralysis leading to both fecal (note from FM – we are already seeing this) and urinary incontinence.  Her final words “he needs to be kept lean, on joint formula & no major steps”. I know FM is looking in to gripping nail caps to help stabilize my walking

Well – I know that’s a lot but it’s my story and I am worth it but you’ll only know that if you put in your application to make me your very own lovebug.

6/21/22 Update:   Foster Mom says I need a middle name because I don’t have one. When she calls me, she sometimes wants to add another name. I’m not sure why. Please submit any ideas!

Here I am in all my glory, reveling in another attempt at a foster sibling for me. The last one was a bit too high energy, which as you can see, I’m not. I might just be warming up to this one. Her name is Mei Mei and she’s not so bad. She stays in her “lane” and does not expect me to engage with her.

I continue to be well-loved by my foster mom and sis. Yesterday, I got to go for a pawdicure and I am stylin’, for sure! Foster Mom put down some floor mats to help keep me from slipping on the floors. I hope that will help as well.

Nothing else to report because I continue to be the most handsome and amazing boy available… your loss if you don’t get matched to me!

6/28/22 Update:  Oh,  how we love Colt. 

Oh, how Colt does not love having another four-legged house mate.

Don’t get me wrong. He has done great with her… because she does not bother him and pretty much ignores him!

But, should she decide to move in to his territory (all of the seven beds in the house), this is the look I get, “Why do let her do this, Foster Mom?”

Still, you will not meet a sweeter boy. If you have it in your heart to care for his special needs, you’ll be rewarded with the best, most handsome boy ever. Lucky you!

7/15/22 Update:   My sweet, sweet Colt…always by my side and wanting love. If you pet him and stop, he wobbles his way closer and bumps you so you know you have to keep petting him

He is being so tolerant of Mei Mei and will actually ignore her most of the time. But, if she gets close to me, he needs to get close as well

You will not meet a sweeter boy…I live for his smooshy face near me as I love to squeeze those cheeks…he is a true love bug.