Cooper Jaxson

Cooper Jaxson

It’s a bittersweet day for our family. Cooper Jaxson found his forever family. We are so happy for him, but so sad to see him go at the same time. What a perfect, sweet boy he is. We are thrilled that he is going to an amazing home where he will be spoiled and loved. Happy tails, Coopie boy.

Welcome two year old Cooper Jaxson to Rescue. His family were excellent owners and always provided great care. But they decided to expand their family by adopting more kids to their household of the six children they already had. Unfortunately, Cooper needed to find a new home. He is as sweet as can be, active and healthy! he is a beautiful Lilac-Fawn color. He needs a home as great as he is!

5/8/16 Update:  Hello every Bully. Let me introduce myself. I am Mr. Cooper Jaxson. I come to rescue at no fault of my own. My family’s situation changed, so I have to find a new family to love me. My foster parents say I am one special boy. I am a great snuggler and get along swimmingly with my foster sisters.

So, I peed in the house a few times. Yes, it was me. I am sorry. Just marking my spots.

As you can see, my eye is infected. I have been getting drops twice a day and it still looks pretty bad. I am going back to Dr. W this week, so he can check it out. I will need drops in my eyes for the rest of my life. I am strong and don’t really like the drops so I will give you a pull and a tug, but I will let you put them in. I am only 2 years old and weigh 57 pounds. I love to play and jump, but also like to lounge and sunbathe. My foster sister, Olive, is teaching me to run and rumble in the backyard. It is a blast. I don’t mind a bath, but please get that face washing over with quickly!

Well, that is it for now. I will keep you posted on progress with my eye and my journey to a new home. If you think you could be my new family, please fill out an application online!

Love, The Coop

5/15/16 Update from foster boy Cooper Jaxson: The Coop man here. It’s been a great week. I had some visitors. Looks like I might have a family! Foster mama says I might be a lady’s man because I get along better with girls than boys. Well, I like human guys, but when it comes to four-legged friends, I prefer the ladies. Look at me, I’m sure you can see why. I’m quite the handsome devil.

My eye is getting better. I got new drops and some steroids. Feels and looks way better. I’ll keep you posted on my search for a family. Paws crossed!