To say that Cooper is Super is an understatement in my opinion…. Despite his arrival in the most gruesome state I have ever seen – he rallied like a champion! Chopper is completely healed from his wounds, neuter, eye surgery and most amazingly from his prolapsed rectum. He has gained 14lbs and has complete control over all of his bodily functions and is almost completely house trained. Gone are the days of accidents in the kennel & inside of the house. His healing process was not without challenge and because of his weakened immune system he developed demodex and lost almost all of his fur. He scratched and itched like crazy but he allowed his daily baths with special shampoo, more medication and topical treatments. He is now almost fully recovered with new thick fluffy white fur and is a most handsome boy with very soulful eyes.

Because of Cooper’s background one would not blame him if he were overly aggressive towards other dogs or possessive of food and toys as he really had neither before now. I can honestly say that he is the sweetest dog I have ever been around. Cooper shares his food, water and toys with his bulldog foster siblings and loves to play with them either indoors or outdoors it does not matter as long as he can play. He is so very sweet and loving towards my human children and would gladly sit still for hours just to be petted and loved on. Cooper deserves a family who will appreciate where he has come from, his sweet and gentle nature and give him all the love in the world for the rest of his life because he really does deserves it!

As of this week Cooper is currently undergoing heartworm treatments and will be on bed rest for the next 60 days. Super Cooper will then be ready for a new Super home and a family to love; hopefully complete with human and/or canine brothers and sisters.

Because of your generous donations Cooper had his surgery to repair his prolapsed rectum, fixed his double cherry eye and was neutered.  That is all we can do for now as he has to heal.  After he has had time to recover he will be treated for heartworm and then be ready for adoption.  Read his heartwarming update below.

Update for Cooper from his foster mom:

I won’t lie…the first few days were rough. I think I did 4 loads of laundry the first day as Cooper was totally incontinent. He probably has never lived inside of a house so he didn’t understand that we potty outside and not in our bed or on the floor. Plus he really could not help it. He has to remain kenneled more often than not so his body will rest and his colon heal. We cannot take the chance on it ripping or tearing.  Cooper has to be on soft canned dog food only to keep his stools loose so they do not strain his colon. He has 2 antibiotics and a pain pill that he takes every 12 hours. He is completely motivated by food as I am sure he never consistently had a meal in his life.

For the first week he remained incontinent and I changed bedding at least 4 to 5 times a day. When we went back for a recheck  Dr. Whitworth said everything looked great that plus he had put on 3lbs! Yay!

As of this week Cooper has control over his bowels and is no longer bleeding! We are now learning to potty outside because while we have not had a poopy accident we did pee in our kennel last night right after Mom let me back in from going potty outside. Mom was not pleased!

I think Cooper is continuing to put on weight and he looks better each day. He really is the sweetest little boy. Dr. Whitworth thinks he is probably only a little over a year old. He has been great with my dogs Brutus and Lucy who you know want to play but I think they know he is / has been sick because they are not overly hyper with him. He likes to go outside with them and I think that is helping with the potty training, learning from them. He will be so happy when he finally gets to eat a bowl of their food because he makes a run for them every chance he gets including climbing my step stool to check the counters. Cooper is also having to learn that we are not trash diggers anymore too. He likes to make a run for the trash can as well.