Cory Suzy

Cory Suzy

It was hard to get a good pic, as Cory was so excited to get started with her forever family! She now has a fur brother, as well as three skin siblings who will keep her active and shower her with love.

I am not going to lie, I think someone should have glued my ears down when I was little. Weighting only 35 pounds and having ears like this, I can almost fly.  

I keep telling myself the reason I ended up in a shelter and no one came for me was because my family just could not find me. Maybe a gust of wind lifted me up and I flew to another town. I just don’t know. Every day I sat there and I watched dogs come and go, except me. No one came for me. My friends at the shelter told me every day “Don’t give up hope, as cute as you are someone is missing you.” I believed that at first, but as the days passed I lost all hope.  

Finally my friend asked me if I was ready to join rescue and I said “Yes.”  Sad to say I didn’t have anything to pack, just me. Today I checked out of the shelter, lifted a paw to my shelter friends and waved good-bye.

I am moving slowly because I had a little surgery at the shelter so I can’t have any more babies, and I am kind of sore. That’s really all there is to tell you about me except I am young, cute as can be, and if you see my family looking for me let them know I moved on. They had plenty of time to come claim me.

12/3/21 Update:  I want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah. We celebrated a belated Thanksgiving as well, so I got some yummy turkey. I get more comfortable each day and just want to be near Foster Mom whenever I can. Sometimes I just want to play… will you play with me?

12/7/21 Update:  Cory Suzy continues to get more comfortable here and is not as quick to cower anymore, which is great.

She can be persistent when you are sitting, as she wants to be pet as much as you are willing. Once you do, she will lean against you with joy… just so happy to be loved.

She has gotten better about going outside, but she prefers to just lie in the sun when given the opportunity.

Due to her ripping up some stuff, she is now crated when we are out of the house and she does just fine with that. She does not seem interested in her toys. She would rather play with towels, paper, etc., so we are working on that.

Here she is in the kitchen supervising last night’s dinner prep. She’s quite a good helper!

Cory Suzy will do great in a home where you can be active with her at times and just sit and pet her at other times.

She’s ready to be the perfect “stocking stuffer!”

12/13/21 Update:  I have been trying to be on my best behavior with Foster Mom, but I don’t like it when I am bored or do not have someone loving on me a lot.

I’m lucky I am so cute and  I know Foster Mom loves me and I love her. What I’d love the most? A family of my very own… hopefully one with a furry friend to play with and one who can help keep me on track so that I never have to cower in fear again. 

I recently learned that I can jump on the bed. Not sure Foster Mom liked that, but I was a good girl… as long as I was getting love.

1/3/22 Update:  As 2021 came to a close, Cory continued to have no feelings about the whole thing. She was ready for bed by 11 p.m…. party animal! 

She continues to be watched as she likes to chew on things that are not dog toys. Crating her when I am out has definitely helped. When I’m here, she is next to me snoring away as I pet her. I know she is dreaming of her forever family… could it be yours?

1/10/22 Update:  Hi all you bulldog loving fans…it’s me, Cory

My Mom thought this was cute…not sure how I feel about it but I do look like the fashion icon I should be (and it is snuggly warm!)

Mom says I continue to do better each day in terms of my behavior. When she leaves for work, I go in my crate (yes, a treat helps “motivate” me but I don’t mind my crate). That said, if I am out of my crate and no one is paying attention to me (not sure how that is possible!), I can get in to things like chewing on towels (in my crate) or couch cushions or even stealing Mom’s new slipper to take outside with me. Sometimes I have accidents if I do not go out when I am ready.

Mom says she was able to borrow something called a pen so that I can be “contained” without being in my crate. Hopefully I can learn that it is OK to be at home without Mom. She tried to keep me occupied with toys but I am not sure what they are for so I have to learn to play with those instead of chewing on other things…How am I to know? No one ever gave me toys before!

As for hygiene, I love to climb in the shower with Mom – I get all warm and soapy and then get so many “pets” when she dries me off. I even let her clip my toe nails yesterday and had no issues with that. Mom says that, since my snout is a little bit “bigger” than some other bullies, I have less breathing issues and my snoring is minimal.

With all of my great traits, why have you not yet put in your application? I bet you could help teach me how to be the best forever pet and I will reward you with kisses and love forever.

1/21/22 Update:   Crazy weather, Foster Mom says. I am happy that I do not have to wear that coat and that I got to go for a walk.

I do very well on a leash as I am just happy to be out and about showing off what a good girl I am

The other day, Foster Mom took me to visit a family and I behaved very well, letting both people love on me … until I discovered they had chickens in their backyard and I really wanted to go play. Too bad it didn’t happen!

Hope you apply soon ~ you may be my perfect match.

2/2/22 Update:  It’s that time of year to set my goals and they are pretty basic (and SMART). 

SPECIFICALLY – I want to find my forever family. 

I will MEASURE their love in how much they let me snuggle with them and kiss them.

I can ATTAIN this goal as long as you send in your application because you may be my match. 

RELEVANT info about me is

*I am a lover – just want to be scratched and loved. 

*Foster Momma says that, because my nose is a little bigger, I have none of the usual nose rope issues and minimal snoring

*I did not have a happy life before coming to rescue and I am still learning to play with toys… not sure how to do that yet. 

*Foster Momma is still working with me on doing my business outside only. I sometimes prefer the kitchen floor and Foster Momma says that is not OK.

TIME-BASED. Well, silly, the time is now. Put in your application and you and I may get matched. I could snuggle on your lap in the bed, just like I am doing here with Foster Momma. 

I hope that your SMART goal is to adopt one of best dogs in the world very soon. I’m waiting!