Jason and Jennifer with their beautiful daughter adopted Cotton and Sandy! They will have the most perfect furever family!

Hey bulldog friends it’s me Cotton and my mother Sandy!  If you can’t tell by the pics I am solid white, you know like Cotton! And my Mom,  I would call her a “dish water blonde.” But since she does not feel good I will just call her fabulous!  At our Dad’s house there was a terrible fight that we had nothing to do with! It was the craziest thing!  Our lab brother was fence fighting with the dog next door, you know running and barking and jumping and all of a sudden he got sooooo worked up he jumped on my Mother.  He grabbed her neck and made her scream and bleed.  Really I thought she was going to die. I would like to say I jumped in to help my Mom, but you see, my neck has some scares on it from another lab fight, so I ran away, fast, back to the house.  Last night my Dad called his friend and I heard him say my bulldog Sandy needs a new home where she is safe, and she needs some medical care. Right that second I thought, “No way, no how, is my Mom leaving without me!” Well, this morning my Dad picked my Mom up to carry her to the car and there I was blocking the front door. I was jumping and spinning and crying and he was tripping over me. But no way was my Mom leaving without me.  My Dad and my mom got to the van, but I got there first. The door opened and I jumped in.  Let’s just say it is hard to get a fat girl out when she is firmly planted in the front seat.  I am not sure if it was my side face, or my puppy dog eyes, but today me and my Mom have joined rescue! I am 2 years old, solid white, use a doggy door and I love everyone. My Mom Sandy is 4 years old, uses a doggy door and loves everyone too.  We are off to the vet. My Mom has fever and not feeling pretty, but I feel fabulous!

6/4/18 Update:  Update from foster kids Cotton and Sandy: We are getting spoiled rotten in our foster home. We love it! Our foster mom and dad told us we deserve it. They say we are snart, we are pretty, we are sweet and we are just perfect!

We are connected like yin and yang. Nothing negative there, we are just attached at the hips. Yep, we are pretty bonded together and want to stay together. You don’t see one of us without the other. We love playing in the water. We love our toys too. We like giving kisses and loving. We are perfectly house trained and haven’t had any accidents. Cotton has chewed on some wooden things, but is learning not to when foster mom says no, no,no. But foster mom also says we can do no wrong.

We still have some stitches around our eyes, but they are slowly going away. Otherwise, the doc has fixed us up to about perfect. We have no health issues. And we are friendly with other dogs! The water is calling us so we gotta go! We’ll update with more info soon.

6/20/18 Update:  Cotton and Sandy here! We want to say Hi to everyone!! We’ve been working on learning good manners for our forever family. We are so excited to find our perfect forever family that we just can’t wait. Don’t be scared that there are two of us. We are so bonded that we are never apart. We are just double the sweetness. We even sleep side by side with our paws crossed or our head on top of the other.

Here’s some pictures of us getting ready for the 4th of July. We will be staying cool in the AC.

6/30/18 Update:  We are real campers now. We can walk on a leash and we know what to do. We won’t even tangle you up! We understand no bark and leave it. Foster Mom says we are doing pretty good ~ we aren’t perfect, but almost. We got to tast a bit of ice cream to celebrate. It was soooo yum yum! Stay safe and keep cool in the A/C.

7/25/18 Update:  Update from foster kids Sandy and Cotton: It’s just too hot outside! We’re doing all we can to chill inside for right now. It’s a rough life. Don’t forget: we need a furever family that will adopt both us us. We have to stay together. We don’t go anywhere without the other. Spread the love!