Da Vinci

Da Vinci

Scott had no intentions of getting another Bulldog, as he was still trying to get over the recent unexpected loss of his Bulldog, Ace. But back in October, when Scott and his other Bulldog, Kendra, came for a visit. Kendra and DaVinci immediately launched into Bulldog games. Scott had not seen her play with any other dog like she did with Da Vinci. By the end of the day…. the were inseparable.

Scott went home and started thinking about how well the two got along. Scott has owned Bulldogs since he was a kid and he is very experienced with strong willed, hard-headed, crazy Bulldogs. I knew he is exactly what Da Vinci needs. After careful consideration, Scott put in his application.

When Scott and Kendra returned to finalize the adoption, Kendra and Da Vinci immediately picked up where they had left off since their first visit. Kendra even gave up a bone to Da Vinci without fuss when he snatched it away from her.

CONGRATULATIONS, Da Vinci, Scott and Kendra!

We don’t know much about my background, but the guy who gave me up at the shelter said I was 2.5 years old to one lady and 3.5 to another. The man said he didn’t want me anymore because I had fleas. But, in my defense, he didn’t give me any of the preventive pills to keep them away or give me baths, so what did he expect?

Regardless, I’m happy to be gone from him and in rescue. In fact, in just the few short days I’ve been here, I’m starting to feel better already! I’m so glad the nice ladies at the shelter called the rescue Uber to pick me up and take me away to start my new life with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

I’m at the doctor getting checked out and getting these nasty fleas taken care of… oh and getting neutered (whatever that is!).

My new name is Da Vinci and I’m a big cute boy… 60 pounds big! I’m a strapping young man, if I do say so myself. I’ll be on the market soon, looking for the lucky adopter who may be a perfect match for me!

11/8/15 Update:  What can I say about Da Vinci? He is so dang gorgeous! One handsome hunk of a Bulldog….a MASTERPIECE!

But looks aren’t everything. He is full of energy! Lots and lots of energy! He’s a perfect 2 year old Bulldog in perfect condition. An athlete who know no boundaries….literally! As I was washing dishes in the kitchen, he was outside and saw me from the deck. He proceeded to knock over a chair at one of my outside dining tables because it was in his way. He wanted to get closer to me. With one quick leap, he was on top of the table with no assistance and staring in the kitchen window at me.

I am sure he is wondering if they will allow him to table hop at Cold Beer Company on Saturday, Nov. 9!

He looks forward to being at Cold Beer Company so that everyone can pet him and tell him how perfect he is!